Car Molding Tips – Are You Breaking The Law?

A car can be modified to meet your performance needs and style. If you have recently purchased a vehicle and intend to modify it; or simply bought a modified vehicle and want to improve it further, you will find the information below helpful. The tips include reflectors, lights, entertainment, brakes, and suspension.

1. Safety and Legal Is Paramount

When modifying your vehicle, legalities and safety measures must come first. It is important to note that too much modification may affect the way your car handles on the road. Other modifications may be illegal; putting you on the wrong side of the law and even insurance companies.

2. The Entertainment

The last few years have seen an increase of in-car entertainment devices, available to all motorists. Though car entertainment devices keep evolving, drivers still have the most important job to do, and as such, they should not be distracted with these devices. As a matter of fact, moving images from devices like TV Screen, within a driver’s viewing range is illegal.

3. Reflectors and Lights

Car headlamps must show a noticeable yellow or white light, whereas the rear lamps must show a steady red light, and brighter when breaking only. When you tint the rear reflectors can reduce its efficiency in darkness and actually not legal.

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4. The Wheel and Tire

One of the modifications that can really affect the way a car handles is a change of the wheels and tires. Therefore, if you must do wheel and tire modifications, it is wise to:

  • Ensure they are car manufacturer approved
  • Ensure it has an adequate wheel and body clearance

5. The Suspension

This is another modification that affects the way a car handles. As such, if you want to fit stiffer springs or lower it, you should ensure the car’s handling is not affected. Such modifications must be carried out by an experienced automotive engineer.

6. The Brakes

NOTE: a car’s modifications must: at-all-time be carried out by an experienced engineer.

On the other hand, before investing your money on this modification, it is wise to consult independent suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. Doing this will help you get brakes that have been approved and fit your vehicle without needing major modifications to the existing mounting points.

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7. Number Plates

Having a number plate is a must and a requirement by law.  It should:

  • Comply with road usage regulations
  • Displayed where visible
  • Not mislead

8. The Exhaust System

A vehicle’s exhaust silencer must not be interfered with and maintained. You need to purchase a vehicle’s exhaust system from Otherwise, if you decide to remove it so that your vehicle can produce noise louder than its original, you will be breaking the law.

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