6 things to check before buying a second-hand scooter

Buying used things is not a new concept. People buy used cars and other types of vehicles since forever. Not everyone can afford to buy it from a salon, and second-hand options are great for those who can’t really pay the full price of something, but still need a car or motorcycle to start with. Luckily, there are plenty of people who are selling their used (but still in good condition) two-wheelers, and they offer them for a really good price. If they were responsible enough to take good care of their belongings, you won’t have any issue buying a scooter from them. But, surely, there are plenty of things that you should pay attention to, so you won’t get scammed.

Finding a reliable seller or re-seller should be your top priority. Find websites that give a list of the top features of every model, like bike.net/en/Suzuki/21125-Street_Magic_II_2005 and many other websites that do the same. Use these websites to compare with the offer, and to know what to ask if something looks suspicious. But, keep in mind that not every owner is aware of all of those features, and if they don’t provide something in the ad, it may not be on purpose.

Anyway, doing a little check and learning some important things in advance can only bring benefits to you. You will know what you are looking for, and what to expect when hunting for your new two-wheel friend. Also, check your finances and budget options, so you won’t have to negotiate with the seller if some expense appears from nowhere.
And here are a few tips on how to check the scooter before you buy it:

1. Is it working properly

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Sometimes people sell scooters with some damages, for a lower price, so the new buyer can fix them. But, if you go for a working machine, the seller should provide proof of regular service, so you can be sure you won’t need to fix it in the first few days. Also, check if it’s registered and how long does the current license lasts. Another important question at this point is if the scooter was sitting in the garage for months or years, or it was used regularly. That will save you a lot of headaches, and investment in new parts and tires.

2. How old is the model and are there available parts for it

When something is discontinued, the companies still manage to provide parts, as long as there is interest in the model. But, after a few years (it can be 10 or more), they won’t produce parts, and it can be pretty challenging to maintain your new motorcycle. If the seller is not sure, you can contact the company or a verified seller and service, to ask them if there are still matching parts available on the market. It may also happen that a private service holds matching parts or replacements that fit great with the model you want to buy. But, if everybody tells you no one works with that particular model anymore, then you may need to go for another scooter.

3. Mechanical check is more than needed

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The smart people will find a mechanical expert to go with them and check the scooter directly. Only experienced people will recognize if there were some oil leaks, or find hidden rust, even when the vehicle looks great from the outside. They also can recognize if there were some things to cover, because of previous accidents. If you are not a mechanic expert by yourself, you may not see all those things that are particularly red alerts, that show you not to buy that scooter. But having this person with you will prevent paying for something that is not matching the ad you found online.

4. Clear paperwork

Check the registration license and Save yourself a trip and the stress of taking the time to visit a local tag service center where long lines might await you vehiclerenew.com will carry out all the necessary processes for you, including any lengthy paperwork, tax certificates, and other documents for previous services. Also, it should have a valid insurance policy, since in most countries, it’s a mandatory obligation for every owner. Ask the seller for the complete service history, so you can know what was previously wrong with the scooter, and what you need to do to keep it in a good condition.

5. Is the price negotiable

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They may list some prices, but it may lower for you if you are interested. Also, some people put higher prices on their belongings, so they can act like they are lowering it for the buyer. You probably already know these things, and also have some tricks in your hands, to recognize if someone is trying to trick you into buying an expensive product, which is not worth the initial price. When you set the deal, it’s time to complete the paperwork and pay for your new scooter.

6. Ask for a test ride

This is the best way to see if something is in a good condition or not. The honest seller will allow you to do that, and you need at least five minutes to recognize if it sounds good, or if it’s completely healthy. Take an experienced friend with you, so you can avoid making beginners’ mistakes and take the right product for you.

The bottom line

If you don’t like the seller, the conditions the scooter was kept until you came, or the way it sounds and looks, you don’t have to buy it. Also, you can recognize some suspicious behavior, when the seller is lowering the price so they can sell it to you. That may show they want to get rid of it, so you have the complete right to be suspicious about it.

Be very careful, because many ads there are fake, or they want to trick you into buying their trash that can’t be used anymore, but they want to earn something on it. Be smart, compare the different offers, talk to the sellers, and if you can’t do the whole thing by yourself, take a friend with you. That’s one of the ways to be sure no one will ever make you buy something you don’t find good enough for your standards.

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