Choosing an Air Compressor for Your Auto Shop: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

An air compressor is one of the most essential equipment you need in your auto repair shop. However, choosing a suitable air compressor can be challenging, especially if you know little about the equipment. Air compressors are not created equal, and some are better than others. Therefore, it is crucial to consider various things to ensure you choose an air compressor suitable for your shop. The work of an air compressor is to suck the air in the surroundings and squeeze it inside to power components in vehicles. So, how do you choose the right equipment? The answers to these questions are based on your needs and how much you can afford. When picking an air compressor, here are four essential questions you should ask yourself.

How Will You Use the Air Compressor?


Air compressor uses change with days. However, it is vital to consider your daily uses when picking the equipment for your repair shop. If you need the equipment for basic needs, you must know the size of the air compressor that will meet these needs. For instance, if you have a collision auto repair shop, you will need a powerful air compressor that can be used continuously. You should also check how quietly you want the equipment to run and how clean the air should be.

Which is the Best Air Compressor Size?


It is crucial to consider the size of the air compressor based on your needs. High-quality equipment, like these air compressors, come in different sizes and shapes to cater to every need of auto shops. So, when choosing the size, consider the weight, horsepower, and SCFM. You can determine the suitable compressor if you consider these elements.

How Much Power Do You Need?

The air compressor will be one of the largest energy consumers in your auto shop. Therefore, make sure you can cater to this need. Understand the electrical capability of the shop before you buy the air compressor. Remember, an air compressor can consume energy seven times to start up as it usually runs. So, make sure you can meet this need. The suitable compressor will save money and be capable of completing your daily tasks. Some of these machines are built to endure harsh job conditions. The best way to lower energy use is to prevent pressure loss and control usage.

Where Will You Install It?


Where you plan to install your air compressor is also important to consider. Therefore, choosing a portable air compressor may be a good idea. If you go for a stationary one, view the power source, ventilation, surroundings, and the amount of electrical power available. These elements are vital when choosing a compressor for your auto repair shop. Remember the equipment will use a lot of electricity. Therefore, ensure the facility is capable of catering to this need. You may not like the results once you place the air compressor in an unfit position. Therefore, take into account the surroundings when choosing the compressor.


These are tips for choosing a suitable air compressor for your auto repair shop. Identify several features and narrow your list to your requirements to meet your daily needs.

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