Gear Up and Go: 10 Essential Gears for Motocross Bikers

The global motocross gear market is expected to reach more than 30 billion in revenues by 2031. Its annual growth rate of 6% from 2022 to 2031. This is big news not only for the motocross industry but also for the sporting industry.

Motocross is a sport that involves off-road activities. Participants in this sport use purpose-built dirt bikes that can withstand numerous impacts and launches. This sport was started initially in the United Kingdom, but its popularity has spread worldwide.

Motocross riders use different motocross gears that protect their bodies’ different parts. From the ankles to the feel to the calves to the shin to the head. Completing all the gears is as vital as choosing the right gears suitable and fitting to the motocross rider. This article will help you determine the ten gears that motocross riders need.

Full Face Helmet


An essential part of a motocross rider’s gear is the helmet. Without it, a motocross rider cannot ride. Not just a mere helmet but a full-face helmet. A full-face helmet would protect a rider’s face and chin if the rider accidentally falls or crashes.

Don’t just buy the cheapest one available. Choosing the right helmet is crucial to the rider’s life. Risking the rider’s life in the motocross race course with a substandard helmet is not worth it. To get a tested and quality full-face helmet, see Suncity Motorcycles and select the helmet you want from their inventory.

Moreover, the helmet should fit the rider’s head perfectly. The helmet mustn’t wobble as it could increase severe head jury when dislodged. It would also provide good ventilation by having multiple vents in the helmet. This ensures that the rider can get enough air circulation while wearing it.

Motocross Boots

Just like in choosing the helmet, determining which motocross boots the rider will use is essential. They can’t just use regular boots, as racing boots are very different. The former doesn’t offer protection, while the latter ensures the protection of your feet, ankles, calves, and shins when riding.

In motocross, the rider’s legs are very vulnerable, and getting the right boots means stopping his feet from being sprained or twisted.

The best motocross boots will absorb the impacts when the rider jumps, protect the rider from roosting, and protect the rider’s feet from sharp objects. These boots must fit perfectly and be relatively weightless so the rider is not uncomfortable.

The boots’ ergonomics dictate that rider boots should be comfortable and secure enough to prevent hyperextension and hyperflexion of the ankles.

Gear Combo


The motocross gear combo entails the jersey, pants, and gloves. A good combination would offer protection from crashes and prevent blisters. Each one of them has specific purposes, complementing one other.


Racing jerseys serve as an additional protective layer. It prevents the skin from being scratched and sunburned. These are usually full-sleeved and abrasion-resistant compared to regular jerseys. Jerseys must also not be loose or baggy. Jerseys should fit the rider perfectly to prevent it from snagging or getting caught on obstacles or motorbikes.


Since motocross dirt bike pants are made from materials that don’t tear easily, they provide additional protection to your legs. Unlike jeans and other pants with restrictive materials, they won’t hinder the rider’s movement. A leather coating in the knee area is also attached to the dirt bike part, providing protection and extra grip.



Dirt bike gloves in motocross pants prevent riders from getting cuts, bruises, abrasions, and burns. The padding attached to it lessens the vibration, which gives the rider a better grip. It also increases the rider’s efficiency. These are usually made of stretchy and breathable fabrics and abrasion-resistant materials.


Using goggles during a motocross race lets the rider see the racecourse. Riders might struggle to see without them because of wind, rain, rocks, or mud. These protect the eyes as long as the rider is comfortable wearing them.

Chest Protector

A chest protector is a gear that is made from sturdy materials like high-impact plastic and durable polycarbonate. It guards you against roost and protects you in a crash. They are light and can fit easily. It also acts as a roost deflector shielding the rider’s body from flying debris.

Knee and Elbow Pads


Since knee and elbow injuries are prevalent in motocross races, providing them protection is vital. Knee and elbow pads are essential gears that a rider should wear to protect the most vulnerable body parts during the motocross. It acts as a cushion whenever a rider crashes and hits his elbow or knees on the ground.

In Conclusion

Motocross is indeed a dangerous yet exhilarating sport. Although injuries and accidents can happen on the race course, riders can reduce the chances of it happening or reduce the damage done by wearing the right gear. The gears mentioned above are essential and should always be on riders who want to go motocross, whether they’re a newbie or an expert in this sport.

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