Want to Carry Your Bike on Your RV? A Hitch Bike Rack is Your Ultimate Solution

If you own an electric bike, you may want to carry it in your RV. However, the main challenge comes when choosing a hitch rack. You want to bring your bike to the campground and adventures, but you cannot put it in the RV. Bike racks are a thing now, and you can have a rack attached to the rear end of your vehicle. Because most bikes are heavy, your car cannot handle the weight no matter where you put it. Therefore, bike racks seem to be the only solution here. Hitch racks are popular and functional, and you can buy them from automotivestuff.com. The hitch rack can also be used on passenger vehicles and can carry more than two bikes. However, each bike should have a capacity of at most 70lbs. Let us take a closer look at why you need a hitch rack and how to choose one.

The rack comes with ratchet hooks that you can use to lock the bikes. The hitch pin on the ratchet is crucial to ensure your expensive bikes are safe while on the road. The best thing about this rack is that you can comfortably fold it behind your vehicle if you are not using it.

Consider The Following When Buying the Bike Rack

When choosing a hitch rack, your vehicle and bikes will affect your choice. Here are things you should consider when choosing a hitch rack.

  • Trailer Hitch

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Ensuring your vehicle has a hitch to support the rack is crucial. If it does not have one, consider installing it. The receiver will also affect the choice you make. The important thing is to make sure your vehicle has a trailer hitch.

  • Number of Bikes

If you carry one or two bikes, you can use any rack. However, it is advisable to use roof and trunk racks if you have more than three bikes. Putting more than four bikes on the rear of your vehicle is not recommended since it may put too much strain on the parts attached to the car.

  • Weight and Size of Your Bikes

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When choosing a hitch rack, consider the size of the bikes you want to carry. Some of the hitch racks are not adjustable, so you have to take specific types of bikes. The best option is adjustable racks since they carry varieties of bikes. Factors like material, wheel size, weight, and other parts of your bike can affect the kind of rack you choose. The most important thing is carrying a stand that supports the weight of your bikes. Consider your bike collection and rack versatility.

  • Contact

A hitch rack that does not contact your bike’s frame is the best. The bad thing about bikes coming into contact is that it could scratch the paint or other delicate parts. If you use a hanging rack, you may have a problem with loading oddly shaped bikes. The good thing about hitch racks that do not need hanging is that they hold your bikes by their wheels rather than the frames. Therefore, such racks are compatible with most bike models. When picking the stand, ensure you consider the contact points. Some hitch racks have soft pads on the contact areas to prevent damage and scuffing. Ensure the rack has little contact with the bike frames to keep your bikes in untouched condition.

  • Access to Rear

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A rack that allows you to open the trunk by swinging it on the side is the best choice when mounting bikes on your RV. This way, you do not have to unload the bikes, unlike a trunk rack that forces you to remove the bikes first to open your trunk. Some stands and vehicles do not allow trunk access. However, you can easily swing the rack on the side with the tilt feature. Therefore, check this feature if you think you will need to access your trunk often during the trip.

  • Security

You can lock a hitch rack in your vehicle to prevent your bikes from being stolen. The hitch racks have a locking system to ensure your bikes are secured to the hitch rack. This ensures you have peace of mind when you leave your vehicle to pick up something from the store. A hitch rack with an integrated system allows you to lock your bikes to your car. However, you can buy the cables and bikes separately. Electronic bikes are expensive, and it can be a nightmare to watch your bike parts scattered on the road or your bike stolen. The locks ensure your bike stays on the rack and discourages thieves.

  • Ease of Installation and Storage

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A rack should be easy to install with minimum adjustments and tools on the vehicle. The weight of the rack also determines how easy or hard it will be to install. It will be easy to carry and mount if a rack is lighter. Furthermore, if a rack is heavy, you might often have to leave it on your vehicle, which burns additional gas. The ease of loading and unloading can make a big difference between leaving the bike at home or bringing it to your trip. Some racks can be bulky, so you need to confirm the ease of storage and the space it takes in your garage. Get a well-weighted rack that sits on its own without the need to brace it.


It would help if you considered these things when buying a hitch rack for your car. The good thing about hitch bike racks is that they are mounted on the rear part of the vehicle for improved utility. Furthermore, they have a tilt feature to allow you to access your car trunk without unloading the bikes. If you want to protect the paint job on your car and bikes, this is an excellent option since they do not come into contact with the vehicle or the bikes. Furthermore, the rack allows you to carry more than one bike. When buying a hitch rack, focus on the things mentioned here. Don’t forget to look at its size, shape, and style to ensure it will come in handy.

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