5 things you will want to know about the new Ford F-150

Ford makes available rides with powerful engines, which provide towing and hauling capabilities. It is one of those companies that makes good trucks. With Ford, you enjoy better gas mileage, not to mention overall power and reliability. The F-series is the one that gets all the attention when it comes down to light-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Ford F-150 is an interesting pickup truck. This vehicle has a modern construction and a great many new features. The 2019 Ford F-150 has already arrived in dealerships. If you are curious to find out what is new for this year, it is a good idea to keep on reading. These are the five most important facts you did not know about this pickup truck.

1. Ford F-150 gets updated styling

Ford F-150 has been one of the United States’ best-selling automobile for the last years. Sure, it makes some compromises, but the truck receives high regards in the automotive world. When the F-150 was redesigned for 2019, it caught all the attention. The changes may not be impressive, yet they are easily noticeable. Many of the sheet metal parts have been replaced with new pieces. Examples include the fender panels and the metal trim pieces. The point is that there is not so much sheet metal in the new Ford pickup truck. Aluminum has been thoroughly used throughout the body panels. Other changes that are worth mentioning are the new lights, bumper, and grilles. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the design process took into account customers’ feedback. It does not come as a surprise that the manufacturer spent a significant amount of time making the new truck look awesome.

2. What the engine options are for the new Ford F-150

2019 is a very exciting year for truck lovers, as the new wheeled vehicle for hauling has a completely new engine. The standard engine is the 3,3 L TI-VCT V6, which is capable of generating 290 horsepower. This is impressive, to say the least. It is important to not forget about the 265 lb.-ft of torque. The motor features direct injection for better fuel economy. It is believed that this is the most fuel-efficient version yet. When you are in the new Ford F150, you do not have to worry that you will run out of gas. It is possible to drive more than 500 miles over the course of one week, on- and off-road. You cannot even tell the engine is a Diesel engine. The drive does not make an effort as far as setting the car into motion is concerned. It provides the perfect output for efficiency. F-150 offers a staggering six-engine lineup. Buyers of this particular model can choose between the 2,7 L turbocharge EcoBoost, the 3,5 L EcoBoost, the high output 3,5 L EcoBoost, and the 5,0 L TI-VCT V8.

3. The new F-150 comes with power windows and door locks

Power windows are basically electric windows that can be raised and lowered with the help of a simple touch of the button. The finished window installation in the 2019 Ford F-150 looks great. Thanks to the electrical version, all you have to do is find your keys and push the button to close the windows. The Ford truck power windows last as long as the truck. In other words, they are durable. There is no need to replace the windows. In the off-chance that you have issues with the switch, think about getting a replacement. There is no reason why you should not replace the battery with a keyless entry remote. This way, you will not have to walk up to the door. It is not uncommon for the locks of a modern vehicle like the Ford F-150 to activate automatically when the car reaches a certain speed. The pickup scored good marks in terms of safety, having numerous other smart features like adaptive cruise control, LCD productivity screen, and 360-degree camera.

4. You do not have to settle on a technology

Ford trucks have evolved to meet the demands of the marketplace. Some of the newest and most ingenious technology can be found in the new Ford F-150. SYNC Connect, for instance, enables the driver to connect to the vehicle. You can locate, unlock, and even start your truck from a distance. With the help of your cell phone, you can equally review vehicle diagnostics and schedule a service appointment. If you possess a SYNC Connect-vehicle, you will be able to use your smartphone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. In terms of technology, the Pre-Collision Assist, and Pedestrian Detection. These two technologies combined keep you safe on the road. If a collision risk is detected, the truck will ensure visual and audible warning. It is needless to say that these technologies are another step toward the self-driving car. Maybe in the future, the automaker will bring the world a self-driving SUV.

5. The new Ford F-150 can be completely configured

The 2019 Ford F-150 presents a great many configurations. When you are in the market for such a vehicle, it is important to determine what kind of trucker you really are. In the Ford F-150 XL, for instance, you can specify the drivetrain. Additionally, this model can be configured with almost any cabin style. The Limited, on the other hand, has a standard V6 engine and LED headlights. There is basically a configuration for every truck buyer. In reality, the car is not a waste of money. It represents exactly what people want. Do not get a truck just because you like the thought of having a truck. If you are going to invest in an F-150, get one that suits your needs. The list of features is made to be inclusive.

The bottom line is that the new Ford F-150 looks super cool and it can do almost anything. You can easily picture yourself driving this vehicle. If you are interested in a test drive, go to the nearest dealership. They will surely let you get a feel of the car.

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