4 Best Trucks to Own for your New York City route

If you are from New York city and you own a route you know how difficult it can be to maneuver or park, its always important to keep me mind the size and height of the vehicle, with the maxim height of 13.5 feet and the lowest going down as much as 8 and below you must be careful when driving under these bridges you don’t want to cause an accident by getting stuck under, now only will it ruin your truck but it can cost you fines and violations, with that being said what are some excellent trucks to buy for your commercial routes,

Here are some great vehicles to purchase if you are considering buying any routes for sale or starting one in New York city!

1. Cargo vans

Source: unsplash.com

Using cargo for vans to get in and out of the city is always the best way to go, they are pretty fast ( legal speed limit) and parking is always easy, its always a good idea if your business can handle an extra car payment to get a cargo van to deliver orders to the city, and leave your bigger trucks for areas where you can find parking easy

Average gross weight: 1500 to 3700 pounds

Average height: 5:6 Feet

2. Medium-size box trucks

Source: transwest.com

Now say you can’t fit your products that need to be delivered into a van and you have 15 stops in your city route, what to do? You can upsize into a medium size box truck, they have the same front as a cargo van but with a bigger body this should hold plenty of inventory to allow you to distribute to your customers with ease

Average gross weight: 9000 lbs and up

Average height: 7ft and up

3. Refrigerated vans

Source: summitbodyworks.com

If you happen to distribute meat products or produce you can always go with a cargo van that has a fridge setup to keep meats cool they are attached on top of the van, and they are great for small orders you’ll be in and out with a breeze

Average gross: 8,500 and up

Average height: 5:8 and up

4. Sprinters

Source: edmunds.com

One of my favorites is the sprinter these have been out for a while but with advanced technology, you can custom these bad boys as you want, like adding a liftgate or a run board and building shelves inside, you can stand up inside the cabin, they fit a lot of packages!

Average gross: 8000-9000 lbs

Average height: 67 inches

Conclusion: as I mentioned in my opening the best way to become more efficient is by being able to get in and out, making customers happy, and avoiding fines and traffic violations, finding a vehicle that suits a priority for me, all information was conducted by me and is not intended to be legal or advice you should consider taken, best practice is to always do your research and check with dealers.

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