Hiring or Purchasing a Hook Truck Versus a Cable Truck

In the truck hire and sales business, two of the most popular truck types are the ‘Hook Truck’ and the ‘Cable Truck’. Below we explain what each truck does, and how each performs in the environments they were designed for. For more information or a reference to these popular machines in their trade, check out MHF UK Ltd – a truck hire and sales company operating in the United Kingdom for over 40 years.

Points to Note for Hook Truck Hire or Purchase

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Hook Loader trucks are versatile and can carry a wide variety of containers. This multipurpose design means fewer qualified drivers and less paperwork. They also allow ground-level loading, which is easier and less risky. However, they can be a challenge in some conditions. Here are a few things you should know before purchasing one.

First, make sure that the truck’s hoist is in great condition. The hoist should be free of cracks and rust. The pins should be in good condition, and the hydraulics and braking system must be smooth and responsive. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hooklift unit needs to be cleaned regularly, to prevent clogged valves. A clean lift system shows the previous owner cared for the equipment.

Another feature of hook lift trucks is that they can be customized. They come with a variety of attachments, including a hook that lifts containers. Depending on your business needs, hook lift trucks can be used to transport many different types of items, including industrial waste, construction debris, and scrap and recycling. Because they can perform multiple tasks, hook lift trucks can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency. You can even purchase one with a single body for less than half the price of a single truck.

Lastly, hook lift trucks are versatile, and you can buy them as used or new. Most of these trucks are customized for a specific industry, so you can get a hooklift truck that best suits your needs. When buying a hooklift, make sure to tell the vendor what you’ll use it for. This will ensure that the vehicle is built specifically for the task at hand. You can also find used hooklift trucks, but you should always inspect them thoroughly to make sure that they are still in good working condition.

Points to Note for Cable Truck Hire or Purchase

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When it comes to working in confined spaces, the cable lift truck is the perfect solution. Its lower angle load capability makes it suitable for jobs where the scaffolding is too heavy to move. A hook lift truck can also be easily adjusted to lower the incline of the load, reducing the risk of losing the scaffolding. A cable lift truck can be used to move a large variety of items, from machinery to containers.

Roll-off cable hoist trucks employ a winch and cable to move heavy loads. Unlike hook hoists, cable hoist trucks require less overhead clearance and can unload a container with a lower angle of 30 degrees. Hook lift trucks must also be fitted with rear wheels and nose rollers to ensure easy loading and unloading. They are designed for inside and outside rail container use. Designed to work with any truck’s chassis, suspension, and exhaust system, a cable hoist is a reliable and versatile choice for heavy lifting.

A hooklift may come with a variety of control systems. You can choose between in-cab and outside controls, programmable logic controls, and more. Consider safety features, such as safety lights and automatic latches, when making a purchase. Safety is another important factor when deciding which hooklift to buy. Ensure that you purchase one with adequate safety features and consider the future needs of your operation.

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