Everything You Need to Know About The Truck Head

China Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. is the earliest enterprise in China to develop and manufacture heavy vehicles, and it is currently the leading enterprise in the domestic heavy vehicle industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck has a variety of brands and types of commercial vehicle brands, such as Yellow River, SITRAK, HOWO, and so on. Now it has also become the largest heavy vehicle production base in China, making outstanding contributions to the development of China’s heavy vehicle industry and the construction of the national economy.

Speaking of trucks, I believe that everyone is familiar with them. Trucks are very common in our daily life. We mainly use trucks to carry goods. Commonly, for example, some vegetables, fruits, goods, and so on are transported by trucks.

When we observe a truck, most of us will only notice the whole truck, but not specifically pay attention to the head of the truck. Today, we use the HOWO truck as an example. I will introduce the truck head in detail. I hope that in this article, I will help your understanding before purchasing.

A truck locomotive is used to pull the engine off the rest of a truck, sometimes called a tractor, and is specially designed for trailers. I believe you must also be interested in understanding the truck head, or want to buy a truck head, want to know something about the truck head so that you can get some help from it that can provide you with your choice. Then let’s take a closer look at the importance, working principle, type, and function of the truck head immediately. All right!

The importance of trucks

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HOWO truck locomotive is heavy mechanical equipment, including engine, cab, chassis, fuel tank, and other basic truck parts. The truck head is designed to tow different types of trailers or carriers, and the truck locomotive is usually used to transport goods. Therefore, it is also important to find the right truck head, because the different carriers and the different types of goods need to be matched with the truck head suitable for them, not all truck heads. Needles For the needs of specific construction operations, different front models will also have different special functions and characteristics. Howo truck heads can be used to pull other vehicles, such as tanker trailers, to power semi-trailers. We also know that truck locomotive are used to pull the rest of a truck. Without the truck head, we will not be able to transport goods through trucks or even start.

How the truck head works

The HOWO truck consists of four parts: engine, truck chassis, truck body, and electrical system. Among them, the truck chassis includes four systems: transmission system, driving system, steering system, and brake system. HOWO truck front work mainly depends on the engine and its truck chassis, which needs to power the truck and then the truck chassis to perform the work.

Type of truck head

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The truck head is classified by weight, model, and type of driver.

If classified according to the carrying weight of the truck, it can be divided into five types: miniature truck, light truck, medium truck, heavy truck, and ultra-heavy truck. The total cargo capacity of micro trucks is less than 1.8 tons, the total cargo capacity of light trucks is between 1.8-6 tons, the total cargo capacity of medium trucks is between 6-14 tons, the total cargo capacity of heavy trucks is between 14 and 100 tons, and the total cargo capacity of ultra-heavy trucks is more than 100 tons.

Truck heads can also be classified according to the driving form, that is, 4*2, 4*4, 6*2, 6*4, 6*6, 8*4, 8*6, etc. Among them, the most commonly used driving forms are 4*2, 6*4, and 8*4.

The function of the truck head

The main purpose of the HOWO truck head is to pull the rest of the truck. Therefore, the basic element found in the truck head depends on its ability to load the goods, which corresponds to the corresponding cargo weight.

The interior space of the Hoover truck head is very spacious, and the cab also provides the driver with a comfortable sleeper, allowing the driver to have a proper and comfortable rest. Now the truck head is full of almost all ergonomic and superb designs, which can heat and adjust the driver’s seat. Of course, the interior of different models of truck heads will also be different. Specifically, you still need to find the truck head model you want to buy for a detailed understanding.

The cost of the truck head

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The cost of trucks generally ranges from 200,000 to 260,000 yuan, and the purchase tax and insurance prices will also be included. Depending on different brands and models, the cost will also be higher or low.

In most cases, when buying the truck head, the buyer can decide whether to pay additional risk insurance premiums for the truck ahead of the shipment, which can also be done by asking the clerk for more details of insurance.

Nowadays, the whole logistics and transportation world is very dependent on trucks. If you want to buy a truck head that suits you, you can go to the truck store through the detailed introduction of the clerk, or check the relevant information online in advance, combine the weight of the goods you usually transport, and finally decide where to buy. A truck head is the most suitable for you.

Well, the above content is a specific introduction to the truck head. Through this article, I believe you can also understand what the truck head is and get some help in your next purchase considerations.

If you want to buy a truck head, I suggest you first determine the general weight of the goods you need to carry, so as not to affect the itinerary and cause losses. For details, it is better to ask professionals to evaluate and provide you with some more professional options.

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