How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Truck?

Over the years, people have started designing their vehicles to their liking. Be it a car or a truck, they can customize its outer appearance as the like. They could wrap it with a single solid color or maybe even with a scheme of colors. And this is just the basics of what they could want to do. You can even have it painted for commercial purposes by showing ads.

In previous times people painted cars instead of getting wrapped. It was done as it was the easiest way to advertise or display anything on the vehicle. Nowadays, with the invention of new things, the vinyl wrap has become more efficient than painting. Not only does it have more options for designs and colors, but it also has a precision that the paint does not have.

Usually, the material of the wrap is vinyl. It is considered to be the best material for wrapping vehicles. It is not only cost-efficient but lasts a long time which is beneficial for commercial purposes. Painting, on the other hand, costs more and needs more time to cover the vehicle. In this article, you will get to know more about commercial vehicle wraps, such as how much it costs and is it worth your money?

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?


A vehicle wrap is a covering made of the vinyl decal. It is applied in contact with the paint of the vehicle. It is applied such that it can be removed with ease as well. Not only does it change the look of the vehicle, but it can also be an easier way to upgrade your vehicle. It can be used for other purposes as well, such as advertising or specifying something on the vehicle.

From when it was first invented, and now vehicle wraps have come a long way. Not only can you display graphical images on your vehicle, but you can also choose whether you want it matte or glossy. And as it’s removable, you can change it as per your need or likelihood. Since they are preferred by people more, their availability makes vinyl wraps a better option and can be applied to vehicles and removed for cheap compared to paint.

Vinyl wraps are not only used for advertising or changing the color of your car or truck but can also be used to protect it. Many people like to keep the original color of their vehicle for a longer duration, where a vinyl wrap comes in handy. They could wrap their car in any color or even the same color to protect it from outer elements. When doing the maintenance, they would then check the condition of the vinyl and change the vinyl wrap if needed.

How Much Does It Cost?


There’s a large number of people who prefer their cars to look special or give exposure for an advertisement to large masses of people. Vehicle wraps do not come in one piece, even though they are meant to cover your whole vehicle. They come in various parts meant to cover different parts of your vehicle. When opting for truck wraps, there are options to choose for a full truck wrap or a partial truck wrap.

Mostly trucks are used for advertising purposes, for which vinyl wraps are used. Be it for short-term or long term vinyl wraps are preferable to paint as they last longer, are cheaper, and can be changed if needed. The cost of a truck wrap depends on the complexity of the design that is being wrapped on the truck. A small truck with fewer designs or elements would be cheaper than a large truck wrapped with multiple layers.

In simple cases with few elements, a small truck could cause anywhere near $1500. Whereas a full large truck for vinyl wrap having multiple layers and complex elements could cost anywhere near $5000. It is also important to know that this is an estimate. To know exactly how much you would have to spend to get your truck a vinyl wrap, you need to contact a nearby reputable shop.

Why Get Your Vehicle Wrapped?


When thinking about why you should get your vehicle wrapped, you should think about why you should not. When getting your car painted, not only are you paying more, but it also takes a lot of time. Each coat of paint needs at least 8 hours of drying time. Whereas a vinyl wrap is ready in a few hours or, at max, a day or two.

Paint is also costly in comparison to vinyl wrap. Painting your vehicle like a small truck could easily cost anywhere from $3000 to $10,000. And if your truck needs extra care, it could go way up. As for vinyl wraps, they do not cost much if there are no complex designs. And you can even get the look of a high-end paint at the price of a vinyl wrap.

Lastly, maintaining your painted vehicle is way more difficult; if the paint is not good quality, it will start chipping away soon. Even if the paint is of good quality, it could easily develop scratches and fissures from slight contact. Whereas vinyl wrap can last for at least 10 years if maintained well. To maintain a vinyl wrap, you only need to make sure that it stays under a shade. The reason for the same is that vinyl wraps can have fissures and dents only due to climate and temperature conditions. If it’s in too hot or cold weather, it could get damaged.


Not everyone likes their vehicle the same as when they bought it. It might choose to upgrade its look than sell it and buy a new one. The easiest way to revamp its look is to opt for a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap with few elements or fewer designs, preferably on a truck, can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000. A vehicle wrap can act as a protective shield for your vehicle where you could change the way it looks or even advertise it for commercial purposes.

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