Top 11 Features to Check When Buying a Family-Friendly Ford Car

Cars for a large family can be a little challenging to find and purchase, considering the various requirements and safety measures that need to be kept in mind.

According to reports, the US auto industry sold a little over 3.3 million cars in 2024.

There are so many features you learn more on the website of a reputed dealer before buying a family-friendly Ford car. It will make your life easier and enhance the utility of your vehicle.

Here is a list of such must-have features:

1) In-Car Entertainment


In-Car entertainment is a must, especially if you have a kid or two in your family. According to reports, most kids today prefer watching videos rather than reading books or going out with their parents.

If you don’t want them to get bored during long drives, the car you buy should come with a large touchscreen display, a DVD player and a good sound system.

Some entertainment features are:

  1. a) In-Dash Navigation
  2. b) Wi-Fi Hotspots for up to 10 Devices
  3. c) Auxiliary Inputs and USB Ports
  4. d) Bluetooth Connectivity with Voice Recognition

2) Good Ground Clearance

Several cars have shallow ground clearance. It is a feature that is not suitable for vehicles with big wheels.

When you drive the car when the ground clearance goes lower than usual, it will increase fuel consumption and lead to increased wear and tear of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

3) Holds Up Well in Airbags Deployment Events


If you haven’t driven cars with airbags before, you will come across a situation where the car suddenly goes up in the front and comes down hard on its suspension.

The impact this has on the car is severe. Many Child Restraint Systems (CRS) incidents are not working well after such deployment events.

Therefore, it is essential to buy a car that doesn’t get damaged during airbag deployment, and the only way you can be sure about this is if it holds up well in such incidents.

4) Good Head Room

HeadRoom is the maximum height from the ground to the roof. If your car has lots of headroom, you can easily take care of tall people in your family.

5) Good Visibility from the Driver Seat


When you sit in a car, it should be easy to see all directions from the driver’s seat. It will ensure safety while driving and make things easier for you when parking, especially if kids sit in the back seats.

6) A Powerful Engine that is Good on Fuel

Cars with powerful engines are always helpful when you have kids in the car since they generate more power and accelerate faster. Also, it is better not to buy vehicles that will take too much time to reach highway speeds.

7) Safety Features


Safety features should be in place to keep your family safe during a collision. Some of them are explained below.

  • a) ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System)-

The ABS sends a radio signal to the brakes, stopping them from locking. You can brake quickly and smoothly using this feature.

This feature prevents a car from skidding or going off-road by applying brakes at individual wheels. It also helps in improving steering response and making it a little easier to control the vehicle during an emergency.

  • c) Post-Collision Safety System

Almost all modern cars come with this feature that helps reduce the risk of injury in case of a second collision after being hit from behind. This system can activate hazard lights, unlock doors and turn on interior lighting after sensing a crash.

  • d) Reverse Camera and Parking Sensors

These features prevent accidents while reversing by providing audible and visual alerts about the proximity of obstacles, such as other cars or curbs.

8) In-built Child Seat Anchors

If you have a young kid in the family, buying a car with in-built child seat anchors is advisable. They make installing and releasing your child’s restraints easier.

9) A Powerful Air Conditioning System


Since you will be spending long hours with your family inside the car during the summer season with the AC on, buying a vehicle with powerful air conditioning is recommended.

10) Folding Rear Seats

These are helpful if you need to load extra cargo into your vehicle. If kids occupy the rear seats most of the time, foldable rear seats are better since they give more space for other things.

11) Easy Entry and Exit


It is easier to get in and out of the car when the doors open wide. If you have young kids in your family, this feature comes in really handy while taking them out of their child seats.


Even if you do not have kids, these features will make your driving experience better and safer.

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