6 Tips on How to Customize Your Car’s Appearance

The love for cars cannot be expressed by words, it can only be felt. The feeling when you hear the engine and the unique sound your car is making while you are cruising the streets can give you chills. Even though being passionate about cars was only reserved for boys a while ago, now women love their steel friends the same or even more. Driving pumps the blood like nothing else in the world. It is a mixture of control, risk, adrenaline rush, and pure pleasure. We tend to polish the cars, clean them and customize them, so everyone knows which car belongs to whom. Well, if you are wondering how could you customize the way your car looks, you have come to the right place. Here are the best tips for you!

1. Paint it

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If you are tired of the color of your car, this can be resolved easily. You don’t have to sell your car if it’s working fine and your only problem is its appearance. Simply choose the color you would rather like to see, think about it hard and sleep on the idea. Don’t rush the decision, because it is not cheap. Do your research about the shades that look the most appealing to you and then look for the images you like the most.

The paint job must be performed by the professionals who truly now every secret to delivering quality work. Don’t do it by yourself because it is harder than it seems. Find a reputable auto shop that can do this for you. Make sure you explain everything well, discuss the details and ask about the price and the time they need to finish it. Once you go over all the details, the only thing left for you is to wait until the work is done so you can enjoy the new color of your car!

2. Add new seat covers

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Seat covers can easily change the entire appearance of the car and make you feel like you are in another car. Choose seat covers that are completely different from anything that you’ve ever had before. With such a great choice on the market, you won’t have problems to find the ones you like. If you’ve only had black ones so far, choose some neon colors or any other style you like. Think about the style you would like to pursue. Make a plan and then do one thing at a time. Ideally, it would be similar to the new color of the car, so it suits the style you have in mind.

3. Design custom number plates

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Would you like to be instantly recognized when you drive by? If you are interested in attracting the attention of girls in your surroundings, choosing custom number plates or short number plates will help you stand out from the crowd! It is a completely legal way to display your registration plates in a way that you want to. If you are a fan of “Need for speed” movies and you always wanted to feel like a movie star on the road, then you will love it. For more on registration plates, check number1plates.com.

4. Invest in the music system

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If you enjoy listening to music, then upgrading your sound system will be a true joy for you. Add big speakers to choose only the most quality audio head unit. You can start with the basic equipment and then upgrade when necessary. If you are looking for the perfect overall sound, then look into mid-range speakers, tweeters and subwoofers. Integrate speakers into the trunk, roof pillars, door panels, and the dash. Power the speakers with the amplifiers and group the speakers by the frequency. You can also think about adding a video display which can be great entertainment for the passengers.

5. Add custom lighting

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If you enjoy driving by night, then adding LED floor lights may spark up things in the romance department. It is no secret that men like to swipe women of their feet, so this may be one of the ways to do it. It shows the effort you are ready to invest to show how much you care. Add the light that you love and that won’t get in the way of your concentration, so the safety is on the greatest level and then simply enjoy it!

6. Choose new accessories

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Buying outer car accessories from trusted sources such as https://www.jspamerica.com/ can significantly change the way the exterior of your car looks. Start by buying a wheel cover. There are various kinds and designs to choose from. Make sure it feels good for your hands, but also to complement the style you had in mind. Then follow up with a new headliner. You can choose a classic look, like a white or black leather, or choose something more striking such as a starry scene.

Also, choose a fragrance that you like. There are many scents to choose from, so you can go for something mild that will discretely enhance the way your car smells or choose something a little bit stronger. You will also need car mats that will protect your car from getting dirty but also complement the overall style in the car. Don’t forget to add the car phone holder, so you can always have your phone in plain sight.

As you can see, lots of things can be customized in your car to make it look like it is a completely different car. Think about the goal you want to achieve and plan the customization carefully. Don’t rush it, do it step by step. Set a budget you are ready to invest and then go from there. Make sure all the steps are integrated and planned well, so the result would be one amazing car! There is always something that can be done, so write everything down as soon as you get an idea. Research it and visualize how it would look in the end. Think twice before executing the plan and then go for it full speed!

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