How Do You Check if a Car Has Been in an Accident?

Not all of us have the commodity of purchasing a car brand new with all its mileage set to 0, all its warranties and other amenities that come with a new car, including the smell.

Most of us tend to delve into the used car market hunting for the best deal, with the lowest mileage possible and without any scratches, dents, and other defects. That task turns out to be near impossible from time to time which is why we all have to become magicians when it comes to buying a used car.

Some of you that have bought a car from the used market know what conditions it can be in – from vehicles that have been involved in serious crashes and patched back up to those that have large mileage that odometer doesn’t show correctly. So, you are buying a hole without end where you will continuously dump your money in and get nothing in return. Thanks to car reg check and this article here you will manage to resolve some of the problems regarding this. Below we will tell you what other ways you can use to check if your next car has been in an accident so stick with us.

1. Apps


So, most of you know by now that there are apps like the one mentioned above that can be used to check if your car has been in an accident. These are pretty handy and reliable because they dig deep into the registration history of the car and dig into any repairs or events logged by the authorities. Thanks to them you can with great certainty know if you have a vehicle that has been rolled, crashed or anything in between.

2. Mechanic/Friend


There is a rule that if there is something you don’t know about or do not understand, find someone that does. This is why I always took my mechanic and a friend with me every time I went to buy a used car. There is something that they know and there are certain feels to the car that they can interpret and this is why it is a good thing to take them if you can. They know what to look work, what and where to watch and they will precisely tell you what you need to know.

3. Look for gaps


If you don’t have anyone that can go with you to help you out, there are some things you can learn by yourself pretty fast and instantly help yourself. Every car has a certain gap between panels, hood, trunk, doors and every other part of it. If those gaps aren’t to the manufacturers’ spec you should suspect that there was something done to the car previously. Some gaps can be visual some are noticed by feel where at one place you have only one finger gap and on the other side, you may fit two or three fingers in the same gap.

4. Do a test drive


Test drive is always a good thing to do when you are buying a used car. This is also a good time to move away from the owner and get an independent and free of any nagging opinions views and feelings for the car. You can listen to any noises, rattling and other things that shouldn’t be supposed to be heard or seen.

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