5 Things You Should Now Before Using Car Buying Service

Purchasing a new vehicle is something we barely wait to do. That especially counts if we are buying our vehicle for the first time with OUR money. But, most things about this process aren’t easy and pleasant at all. Some people are pretty undecided and they are not sure which option to decide on.

One option that people have is to sign a contract with the car dealer. But, haggling with these individuals is not the main option for some people. They would rather decide on some other options that require less negotiating. That is the reason why car-buying services appear as the most popular alternative.

Why Are Car-Buying Services Beneficial?

This is one of the questions that most people have. Of course, collaborating and negotiating with the dealership companies is also a good option. However, that can be pretty intimidating which most people want to avoid. They do not want to end the negotiating procedure with a bad deal that does not work for them a lot.

Car buying services seem like a safer and more legit option. To understand how these services function, you need to know two different options you will have in front of you. One option you have is concierge services and the second one is membership-based service.

So, what is the difference? The concierge services have only one purpose – to make the entire process easier for the customers. People that stand behind this option will help you find and negotiate the best price. Apart from that, they will ensure that transport of the vehicle that you purchase goes smoothly and is affordable.

The second option is less popular compared to the first one. But, it would be unfair not to mention it. You have probably heard about different credit unions and warehouse clubs. Well, these organizations will provide their members with this type of service. Best of all, they will not even charge for that.

Does this mean that membership-based car buying services are more affordable? Well, keep in mind you will anyway have to spend some money to become a member of that organization. Because of that, we doubt the difference will be big. Both are pretty affordable and helpful. Isn’t that something you have been looking for?

It was unnecessary to explain everything to people that are not even aware of the existence of this type of service. Now, after we made things clear, it is about time to move to the main point. We prepared a list of tips you should apply when using car-buying services. We hope you will apply them and make the simplified procedure even easier!

1. Be Ready to Negotiate

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As we said, car service agencies are there to negotiate instead of you with the dealership. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t negotiate at all. As we said, prices for concierge service can vary. Because of that, you need to be ready to negotiate the price. The good thing is that these services have an open mind in most cases. More precisely, they are even ready to offer better prices for certain groups of people. Take advantage of that service!

To make things clear, the price often depends on your expectations. You may want to purchase a vehicle for a couple of days. Logically, that would cost you a bit more.

2. Take Advantage of Free Services If Possible

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Well, this is something we also need to highlight. Remember what we said about the two types of car buying services? The second one known as membership-based will let you use this service for free. However, there are probably requirements (apart from being a member) that you need to meet.

Which requirements you will have to deal with depends on the program you chose. In some cases, you may even meet the pre-negotiated price of the cars (that are fixed). Apart from that, as a member of a club or organization, you may catch some discounts that will help you save even more money.

3. However, Do Your Homework

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Before you reach websites like ChooseMyCar to get a quote for a particular vehicle, you should also do your homework. That means you should research the average price of the model of vehicle that you plan to purchase. The most legit car buying services will never offer higher prices compared to one you can find on your own on the market.

Yet, money is not the only reason why you should apply this tip. As a buyer, you need to understand precisely what exactly you want. In other words, you need to know what type of vehicle you are looking for. Do you need a minivan or do you love sports cars? Is your favorite color blue or red? These are all the answers you should have before contacting car buying companies.

4. Understand Exactly How You Pay Them

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Do you even know how car buying services are charging? Of course, if you are a member, this is not the question you have to answer. But, if you decide on a concierge car buying type of service, then things are a bit different.

One option is to charge a fixed fee. They determine the amount of money they will charge in advance. On the other hand, some companies decide on a bit different approach. They won’t charge a fixed price, but they will get a percentage of the total amount of the vehicle that is the subject of the purchasing procedure. It is hard to say which option is better for the buyer, and we believe that directly depends on the total price of the vehicle.


These are all the tips you should apply when purchasing a car this way. Our main suggestion is to do your homework. Before you even reach some of the car buying companies, we strongly recommend you “do your homework”.

In other words, we strongly suggest you research the market to see what are the average prices of the car models that you like. Apart from that, you will get an idea of all the characteristics your car should have.

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