How Graphic Designers Help Departments Design Police Car

Police car graphics are widely used nowadays by departments not only to simply stand out but also to be more visible and easily identifiable.

Aside from being visually appealing, vehicle graphics are made durable to withstand harsh weather conditions, causing the departments to save more on budget.

However, not all customers are aware of the process that their designers do for their custom police vehicle decals.

This article will provide you with information about the process or steps that the best designers make to provide you with the best quality and service for your fleet. And enjoy the privilege of being able to design your own police graphics.

How do Graphic Designers prepare your Police Car Graphics?

Before you can enjoy the new look of your department’s police vehicle, these are a few steps that designers have to undergo to make your dream fleet into reality.

1. Information Gathering


Police cars are essential for a police officer’s safety. They provide visibility and help enforce law enforcement, but what good is that if they’re not on the right vehicle?

The first step in preparing your fleet is collecting all necessary information needed by account managers handling projects like yours. The process starts with taking photos from every angle so you can make sure any new decals or stripes match up properly before installation begins.

2. Design Proofing

After designers gather all of your vehicle information, they will help design the right graphics and colors for it. After it is done, our team can assist in selecting materials and layout a custom logbook, so you always know where every detail goes.

3. Design Approvals


Creating a dream fleet is the responsibility of the Production Team. Once approved, these teams take on your vision and make it come alive with their creativity!

4. Completion

Your vehicle graphics are shipped to you in a neatly packaged box. You can feel confident knowing that they are safe from damage during shipping!

Why Tap Graphic Designers For Your Police Car Graphics?

  • Association with fleet graphic design


A three-dimensional, big format design training is necessary for any fleet graphic creator. A significant amount of vehicle graphic designer experience will also be needed to get the most out of your designs and promote yourself as an expert with character recognition skills.

Fewer than one in every five visual designers can make graphics for a vehicle. A fleet graphic designer needs experience with vehicles, and their different features, which need to be considered when designing the plan properly.

  • Specialized Knowledge

Creativity is essential to any designer, but it’s the ability for you as a person and your creativity that makes all the difference. You need insight into why things work or not before even thinking about designing anything yourself. Visuals aren’t enough on their own.

And while we certainly can’t ignore how innovative graphic designers have become with technology at our disposal every day, they still must remember what is essential. Experience and technological know-how will always win out over some fresh ideas from time to time.

A fleet graphic designer should be proficient in vector formats and comprehend raster file format.

A vehicle logo architect needs to understand how resolutions affect the design, know what kind of printer is needed for screen printing, or other techniques used on clothing products like labels with embroidery floss threading through them.

Also, have an eye towards developing new styles every day while staying aware of current trends so they can keep designing time-saving materials too.

  • Inventiveness

A fleet designer should be an individual that can comprehend their client’s vision and rejuvenate it.

They have a plethora of responsibilities, from creating advertisements on vehicles or roadside signs for their business and designing graphics with just seconds at hand so that they can command notices among potential customers passing by in traffic-choked city streets.

  • Client Centricity


Graphic designers are not just for the faint of heart. You need one that pays attention to your desires, finishes what they start, and has a trustworthy personality, so you feel comfortable being open with them when it comes time for any mistakes or errors in design work on an upcoming project.

  • The Purpose of Fleet Graphics

The world is an endless sea of people, departments, and exposure. You have plenty to choose from when it comes to advertising, but not all are particularly effective or affordable options for your business needs – some might even be harmful.

Fleet wraps and graphics can be applied to any type of vehicle, but they show the information uniquely. They’re great for advertising companies that need their products noticed, or military-related businesses to get an opportunity to display what they offer at no cost.

Design Your Fleet And Have a Great Feat

Planning and designing the perfect fleet graphics is no easy feat. But, with GDI Graphics by your side, you’ll be sure to get it right every time.

Vehicle designers in Florida are creative individuals with the technical skills and ability to create outstanding fleet graphics. They also need an understanding of social interaction, which allows them to make personalized designs that will appeal to the first responders.

Serious about getting your business done, right? Get professional marketing design services from an experienced team through and gain a budget-friendly design with outstanding graphics.

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