Proper Maitenance and Care Tips for Your Ford Powerstroke in 2024

Living without a vehicle in today’s world is almost impossible. Towns are becoming bigger and bigger, and walking from one place to another can be time-consuming.

Purchasing a new car is a challenging task. There are many models that will meet your expectations and requirements. However, in this article, we would like to talk about Ford Powerstroke vehicles. It seems that they deserve more attention.

Many people do not know how to properly maintain their Ford Powerstroke. Because of that, they often deal with some additional costs to fix the problems that occur. Instead of waiting for the issue to come, people should learn how to solve the most common problems.

Some of the most common problems that people have are the failure of the turbocharger, Nox sensor failures, and defective radiators. Fortunately, all the mention problems have a solution. Because of that, let’s find out how to properly maintain your Ford Powerstroke and ensure yourself peace of mind.

Try Using Synthetic Engine Oil


The type of motor oil you plan to use plays a key role. The synthetic type has many advantages over conventional oil. Of course, it would be unfair to say that everything around it is perfect. You will probably need to spend a bit more money to get it. However, the advantages synthetic engine oil brings are priceless. You should not hesitate to make that type of investment.

In the short term, synthetic oil is more resilient to breakdown. The high-pressure system accelerates negatively influences the mechanical and thermal breakdown. Thanks to synthetic oil, your vehicle will be much safer, and you will manage to increase its durability. It has the capacity to raise the level of protection between every oil change you make.

Don’t Stop There – Use Oil Additive as Well

Did you know that stiction is the most common cause of hard start and misfires conditions? The good news is that oil additives can help here a lot. We won’t advertise any of them, but you will easily find the one that meets your needs.

Anyway, it is only essential to find the additive that is specially designed for combat stiction. Additional costs of oil change are often a concern that all Ford drivers have. Because of that, it is much better to have some type of protection. Research the most popular ones, and you can be sure that your goal is reachable.

Don’t Forget to Clean Fuel Filters


Parts of Forg Powerstroke are not always expensive. You only need to find the best possible place to purchase good quality ones. There are many websites like where you can find a wide range of cheap and quality models.

However, whichever supplier you decide on, one thing will always be the same. Fuel filters will always be the cheapest part of every Ford Powerstroke. Many people do not know how often they should change and maintain their fuel filters. Doing that after passing 15000 miles is mandatory. Each vehicle has two different filters. One of them is chassis mounted, and you can find it in the fuel-water separator. On the other hand, there is also an engine-mounted filter that is equally important.

The injection system itself is sensitive to dirty fuel. Instead of struggling with some higher costs, it is much better to clean the fuel filters on time.

Use Fuel Additives As Well

It seems that the word “additive” is valuable in this article. However, when we talk about fuel additives, things are a bit more confusing. You will manage to hear many misconceptions about them. Many people will say that only older diesel engines will be good enough for fuel additives. However, that type of claim is wrong.

We need to say one essential thing here. Diesel fuel is not at the highest level in all parts of the world. The fuel Ford Powerstroke drivers can find does not meet manufacturer recommended specifications often. That is the reason why the usage of fuel additives will pay of in the end.

Thanks to fuel additives, drivers will manage to increase the diesel’s certain rating. Despite that, they will also provide lubrication to the fuel system. Logically, the system will last longer because of that.

Have Excessive Idling In Mind


Excessive idling is probably the most confusing part of the article. That is the reason why it deserves an additional explanation.

Excessive idling will not bring the engine up to full operating temperature. It is also one of the misconceptions that we need to mention here. However, it will manage to contribute considerable to fuel dilution of the engine oil.

It is not a secret that fuel dilution is a normal thing for almost every type of engine. Unfortunately, when we talk about excessive fuel dilution, drivers should be additionally careful. It can potentially modify all the engine oil properties.

That especially counts during the winter months. Some Ford drivers may need to allow the engine to idle for around 10 minutes before they start driving. On the other hand, doing the same thing for 3 minutes is usual for the summer months.

Drive the Vehicle Wide Open In Some Cases

Ford Powerstroke comes with a variable geometry turbocharger. In other words, the vehicle has moving vanes in the turbine housing. Thanks to that part, the vehicle manages to control exhaust flow across the turbine properly.

Sooner or later, soot will accumulate on the vanes. Because of that, their movement will be a bit limited. When drivers notice something like that, they should not take the turbocharger apart and clean it. Instead of that, they only need to drive their car wide open. That is the most effective and easiest solution they could have.

Final Thought

Six pieces of advice from the list will help people properly maintain their Ford Powerstroke. They only need to ensure that they do that properly. Waiting for the vehicle to stop working is not the point. That way of thinking can sometimes be expensive. More importantly, it is not safe at all.

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