Why AGM Deep Cycles Batteries Are Better

You may find yourself looking at various battery options to power your systems or appliances. However, you may eventually find yourself leaning more towards AGM deep cycle batteries in the end.

AGM deep cycle batteries are considered to be the go-to solution for running various appliances, systems, and machines for a long period. Therefore, many campers and people who like to live off-the-grid love these batteries.

But, why? What is it about AGM deep cycle batteries to make them better than lead-acid, gel, and lithium? Let’s have a look.

What Are AGM Deep Cycle Batteries?

The AGM refers to the absorbed glass mat. It relates to the property of these batteries that sets them apart from other wet, gel, or flooded batteries.

A chemical component is present in these batteries. It triggers the reactions that result in electricity and voltage. Because of the fiberglass mat, you won’t have to worry about spills or traveling with hazardous material.

The battery is a deep cycle because it can be discharged and recharged many times. Moreover, they can give you a constant flow of current for a long period.

AGM Deep Cycles Batteries Are Safer

AGM batteries are much safer than the other deep cycle batteries because they are unspillable. As you read above, it’s because of the glass mat feature. You can take these batteries wherever you go, and it doesn’t matter if the box is turned upside down.

These batteries don’t even present any risks of electrolyte burns. Moreover, they don’t give off any gasses when charging. Because of that, you don’t even have to worry about providing proper ventilation.

AGM Deep Cycles Batteries Are More Durable

A great thing about AGM batteries is that they are incredibly durable. When compared to other common types of batteries, AGM deep cycle batteries have an excellent lifespan. On average, they can last over 6 years.

AGM deep cycle batteries last that long because of their deep-discharge resistant feature. That means they can remain charged for a few months without being used because they have a significantly low self-discharge rate.

AGM Deep Cycles Batteries Are More Versatile

AGM deep cycle batteries have quite a lot of range because their capacity ranges from 40Ah to 200Ah. They are being utilized for renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. But more importantly, you can get the deep cycle battery – VIC OFFROAD for vehicles.

German companies like BMW and Mercedes use AGM batteries. Not to mention, the American bike brand, Harley Davidson, uses them as well. Moreover, AGM deep cycle batteries are also used in jet skis and boats. They even have industrial applications.

AGM Deep Cycles Batteries Are Easier To Maintain

Source: nadaguides.com

With other types of batteries, you may have to worry about topping off the liquid in the cells and many other things in addition to recharging them.

With AGM deep cycle batteries, you can save time on installation and maintenance. There is no need to do maintenance, other than recharging, of course.

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