5 Most Popular UTV Mods that Will Not Break Your Bank in 2024

Factory UTVs are impressive machines you can take out working or riding with no problems. However, most UTV owners and enthusiasts always have something to change or upgrade to their new vehicles. UTV mods and enhancements go beyond the realm of a whim. If you have owned such a machine for a couple of years now, you may want to give it a performance, looks, and comfort boost instead of buying a new one. So let’s see today the most popular UTV mods that will not break your bank but make your vehicle look, feel, and perform as if it was brand new!

1. Suspension Seats

Source: utvdriver.com

New seats that add to your comfort and safety are always a good idea, not to mention they are among the first interior parts that start showing signs of wear and tear. It is the same thing as it is with cars. Once you start detailing your car’s interior, everything else comes naturally.

Suspension seats are a particularly good idea when you use your UTV for outdoor adventuring and off-road fun. In case you own a labor UTV that you take out daily to work on your farm or ranch, chances are you need excellent suspension seats. Stock UTV seats are among the first parts UTV owners change because they do not provide enough safety, back support, cushioning, and driving confidence pro seats.

Before you buy pro seats for your vehicle, make sure they mount smoothly on your vehicle’s stock sliders and are compatible with harnesses.

2. 4-Point Harnesses

Giving up on your factory stock seatbelts and adding 4-point harnesses to your UTV is always a good idea. You will find all the harness models and types you can think of in professional shops. You can check out rad.parts to begin your search. They sell harnesses compatible with all popular UTV brands and models, from Honda Talon and Polaris RZR to Can-Am X3 and so on. Remember that 4-point harnesses are there to keep you snuggly fitting in your suspension seats, offering safety to you are your passengers no matter how bumpy the ride is. Also, quick-release harnesses are what you want, so look for brands like Dragon Fire racing that lead the way when it comes to smart UTV harnesses.

Nevertheless, when you buy harnesses to upgrade your UTV, don’t forget about harness accessories. We are, namely, thinking about seatbelt override bypass plugs. These accessories allow the driver to avoid the UTV’s limp mode activating when you go over a certain speed.

While we don’t recommend overspeeding on challenging terrains, when you are cruising with the family or hunting in a new forest, sometimes you need to bypass the limp mode. Override plugs do just that. The best part is that some UTV aftermarket stores sell them included in harness packages, so you are good to go!

3. LED Kits and Lights

Source: utvoffroadmag.com

You may have bought one of the best UTVs for hunting on the market today, but your metal beast still needs a few modifications. We recommend you add LED kids and lights to any UTV you use, whether for agriculture, cruising, off-road adventuring, and racing.

Nobody can imagine driving a car without having lights, so adding lights is only going to improve your safety, riding confidence, and comfort. Whether you go for a single-row light bar or a high-intensity pod light kit, you will always be on the winning side.

You can find affordable UTV lights in almost all specialized stores, so put aside a decent budget to make your life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

4. UTV Protective Accessories

If you are an aggressive UTV rider interested in off-road adventuring, hard work, riding in remote areas or rough terrains, or racing, you need accessories to protect your UTV. While these vehicles come with their own sets of protective parts, it is always good to invest in professional ones.
UTV parts meant to add up to vehicle protection include bottom skid plates, rock sliders, bumpers, A-arm protectors, hard rooftops, and door inserts. If you want your UTV to slide smoother over rocky surfaces, we recommend UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) skid plates. They are a tad more expensive than aluminum skid plates, but they will improve your vehicle’s performance if you consider rock crawling.

5. Air Filters

Source: utvride.com

Are you planning to take things up a notch? Desert races, mud and dirt trailing, rock crawling, adventuring on unbeaten off-road paths? Then you need the best air filters you can get! With the right products, your UTV will ride as hard and efficiently as you want it to, no matter how much dirt, debris, sand, or grime the landscape throws at it. Look for an air intake system with an upgraded high-flow reusable air filter and silicone couplers direct factory stock replacements. This way, you will have no problems changing the parts and enjoy a UTV that is breathing better for improved performance.

Bottom Line

Tuning your UTV for increased performance, safety, and comfort does not usually stop here. UTV enthusiasts fine-tune their vehicles with a wide assortment of mods and accessories. Do you want to feel like Tony Stark does in his suit? Consider a new pro exhaust system, a roll cage (if your vehicle does not come with a factory one), better tires, a high-end sound system, and a communications system kit when you ride together with companions or teammates.

Upgrading your UTV should not burn deep holes into your pockets, even if a full tune-up might raise the bar to a couple of thousand dollars. Nevertheless, compare prices, manufacturers, and UTV aftermarket parts stores to do your homework thoroughly.

Now it is your time to talk to us about upgrades and modifications! Do you own a UTV? What was the first thing you changed about it? Was it interior detailing or exterior tuning? Were you into comfort improvements or performance ones? We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!

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