Ford Out to Reward Drivers

Ford Motor Company has always been about creating products that reward customers with great driving experience. Now, Ford aims to reward customers in new and exciting ways with incentives available through the company smartphone app, FordPass.

The FordPass application was developed and launched by Elena Ford, who serves as chief customer experience officer for the company. In this position, held since 2018, Elena Ford leads the organization responsible for creating a world-class customer experience throughout the entire ownership cycle of Ford vehicles. An important part of the Ford customer experience is an interface with new technology including, but not limited to, the new rewards incentives from the FordPass app.


How do customers get access to the rewards program? Joining FordPass Rewards is easy, which is vital to the success of any application. Its ease of use increases the likelihood that the app will be utilized by Ford customers. When a customer registers for FordPass through the app (available for either iPhone or Android) or online at, they automatically become a member of the FordPass rewards program.

It is important to note that if a customer is not familiar with how applications work, or if any driver has trouble signing up, all they have to do is visit a Ford dealership, and someone will be happy to assist them with enrollment in the rewards program. The dealership staff will also be glad to answer any questions about the rewards program and what restrictions may apply to redeem them.

All new vehicles have new technology that can help drivers, from sensors that help with parking to lights that keep drivers informed about fuel and tire inflation. Other apps may offer rewards, but sometimes those rewards are for things that the customer has no use for and is not likely ever to purchase. That’s what makes the FordPass app so different, since the rewards include car maintenance, and that’s something that any driver has to plan and budget for throughout the life of the vehicle.

Some of the ways that drivers can earn points through the rewards system include purchasing a new retail Ford vehicle from a participating dealer, activating and maintaining a FordPass Connect modem inside their vehicle, joining FordPass Rewards within 60 days of the purchase of a new vehicle, and having the vehicle serviced at a participating dealer. Some restrictions may apply to the program and will be explained by the dealership.

Elena Ford’s expertise has helped the company in marketing, brand strategy, and business management, reports Another of her notable achievements is the development and launch of Ford’s global brand promise: Go Further. This motto of taking the company and customers further goes hand-in-hand with the mission statement of Ford Motor Company since the beginning. Elena Ford is the great-great-granddaughter of company founder Henry Ford, and she continues his legacy of working toward great customer experience.

Elena Ford knows that technology is playing an increasing role in the purchase, maintenance, and experience of all drivers. With the new FordPass app, customers can monitor and control their vehicles including starting, stopping, locating, unlocking, and checking fuel and fluids. When drivers need important vehicle information, the FordPass app puts it at their fingertips.

The FordPass app makes it possible to get vehicle service history reports and maintenance reminders. Then, when it’s time to bring a vehicle in for servicing, drivers can simply open the FordPass app on their smartphones and make an appointment. Roadside assistance services like fuel delivery and help with repairing a flat tire are also available through the FordPass app.


Using the FordPass app adds to the rewards and incentives that Ford Motor Company is using to keep customers taken care of on the road after the sale. Customers can use the app, watchpoints grow and redeem them toward discounted services – such as an oil change, tire rotation, air filters, and inspections – at a preferred Ford dealer.

Over time, FordPass Rewards members will have the opportunity to gain access to additional special offers and promotions throughout the year.

Although Ford Motor Company is a global organization, the new reward points via FordPass are only earned and redeemed in the United States. International earning and redemption are not available at this time.

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