5 Benefits of International Temporary Car Insurance in 2024

Owning a vehicle in 2024 is a necessity, and many of us use them on a daily basis either for work or something else. Although traveling out of your country at the moment is not really possible, before the Covid-19 pandemic and obviously after we get a vaccine, international travels by car will be a common thing once again.

Everyone who drives a car of any type knows how important insurance is. You pay a small price for something that’s worth a lot of money, and in case something bad happens, you don’t have to ruin your entire finance state in order to fix things.

However, car insurances are usually tied to your living area. In case you decide to leave your country, whatever happens outside of the borders is not the responsibility of your insurance provider. Not unless you’re using international temporary car insurance, which happens to be the main subject of today’s article. Here’s what you need to know.

1. You can pay for insurance lasting as long as one hour

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Let’s say that you’ll be in another country for less than a day. You don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to cover that one day. Temporal car insurance providers are very flexible and they allow you to pay for a plan that lasts just a few hours, which is a great thing if you are on a budget, or you simply don’t need an insurance lasting more than that. Two, three days, an entire week or two months are all options you can discuss with the company. Carexpertgroup.com is a website where you can learn more about this entire concept in case it’s your first time reading about it.

2. There are numerous insurers available that you can choose from

A second huge benefit of the entire international temporary car insurance concept is the broad availability. Not many understand the importance of this, but hear us out. Imagine you get a call for an urgent meeting in a foreign country and you have to be there in less than few days. Well, how are you going to get the insurance so quickly if there aren’t tons of options available for you? Luckily, there are, and you can. Another positive side to this is that you can always compare multiple insurers and start working with the one that has the best terms for you.

3. Care-free traveling like it should be

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Not every road trip is related to business or something similar. Some trips are purely for relaxation purposes, for example going on a holiday with your friends and family. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t go well with relaxation, and we all know what causes the highest amount of stress when you’re out in another country. Yup, you’ve guessed it right, a traffic accident.

All of a sudden you have to deal with people talking to you on a foreign language, police officers trying to figure out what happened, and as a cherry on top, your car is totaled and you have to pay huge amounts of money to get it fixed. Eliminate the final problem on that list by ensuring you’ll never leave your country by your car without investing in temporary car insurance beforehand.

4. More flexibility because no long-time contract are included

Last but not least, if you don’t like your current insurer, whether because they’ve recently made changes to their policy or they suddenly spiked up their prices, canceled partnerships with someone, or anything else really, you can always easily make the change. You are not tied to long contracts and you don’t have to spend months hoping for it to end faster just so you can get rid of that insurer. Temporary car insurance policies are honestly superior and offer a lot more freedom in certain situations. You shouldn’t consider all this too much, get yourself one and go on a road trip without worrying about a thing.

5. It is much better than adding a person into your long-term policy

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When you have a long term insurance policy with a certain company, and you’re not making any claims for a long time, you are enjoying a huge discount because of it. This is a worth-it win-win scenario both for you and the insurer. You are paying a low price and your car is insured, and the insurer is constantly getting money and you aren’t putting them at loss by claiming a huge amount regularly. Well, when you add someone else to this plan, things start to change.

If your cousin for example wants to borrow your car on a trip to Poland, and they don’t get a temporal car insurance for it, instead you decide to add them to your long-term policy, your costs will spike up, and if he ends up damaging your vehicle, your premium will increase by a lot also. You are no longer enjoying the benefits of long-term “no claims” customer. That’s why a temporal insurance policy is so much better.


Whether it’s you traveling out of the country or you want to borrow your vehicle to someone else for a roadtrip, a business trip or just a regular holiday, temporary insurance is one of the things you must take care of before doing so. This is especially crucial if you drive a slightly newer and more expensive vehicle. Of course, it’s best that nothing bad happens during the roadtrip neither to the driver or the car, but these things usually catch us by surprise and you cannot really expect them. Even if it’s the fault of somebody else, if your car is totaled the only thing you hope for is to find out that your insurance hasn’t expired.

In today’s article we explained the six main benefits of international temporary car insurance so feel free to check it out and remember to stay safe in the future.

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