How to Build a Chain That Won’t Be Broken

There are going to be times when you need to be absolutely certain that the chain of custody has never been broken, because the very notion of tampering is simply too terrible to imagine. This is when you have to take security procedures to their highest possible level, and when even security that one could say borders on paranoia is a completely reasonable level of concern. This concern needs to extend where it will inevitably go.

Thinking ahead, there are plenty of times when you need to protect your keys from being copied or stolen. Whenever you trust someone, there’s the possibility that this trust may be misplaced, and that they may want to do something behind your back. When they can’t do anything shady without you finding out, they are going to be more likely to do the right thing by you for fear of suffering the inevitable consequences of betrayal.

Chain of custody

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There are times when what you can access is so important that it’s vital that no one ever is allowed to get in or get out without being tracked and identified. The first line of defense against this is the use of cameras with facial recognition and gates that are hard to get around, over, under, or through. But then, when this isn’t quite enough, or the budget doesn’t allow for this much security, there are still some very solid options. Some of these are less about regular intruders, and more about employees or contractors who may try something. has keyrings that are solid enough to be very difficult to tamper with in the first place. Furthermore, since these tamper-proof keyrings require a special tool to crimp them and do so permanently, any kind of tampering is going to be noticed immediately. The fact that each keyring has its own serial number that’s laser-engraved also increases the level of security they provide.

Ensuring the right people have the right keys

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At no point should all of the most important keys to be on the same keyring. This makes the ring too much of a target, and also easy to spot. Just because it’s hard to copy a set of keys on a very well-made ring doesn’t mean they can’t be stolen from a safe place or pickpocketed during an unaware moment. This problem can occur no matter where you might be. This is why separating the most important keys and keeping them in different places with combination locks is a solid security measure.

As well, the fewer people who are aware of what you’re trying to keep safe, the better off you’ll be. More people knowing means there’s more potential for people to begin to covet what you have. Even if they don’t know precisely what it is, the idea of being able to sell something valuable and retire to the easy street can induce people to do crazy things. What they don’t know about will do them no harm.

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