What‌ ‌To‌ ‌Know‌ ‌About‌ ‌Car‌ ‌Key‌ ‌Replacement‌ ‌in 2024

If you own a pair of keys, you are more likely to have lost them one way or the other. With millions of individuals setting a record in losing their car keys, the cost of car key replacement is up by 23% in the past seven years.

According to CarKeysReplacement, The rising costs of car keys replacement are due to the ongoing technological advancements which have rendered the traditional keys less viable. These advancements have introduced keyless systems that have revolutionized the industry, with insurers accepting modified car key replacement packages for their clients.

However, to understand a car key replacement’s intricacies, it is best to know some vital information.

Types of car keys

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The type of car keys used can help determine the mode of replacement. This depends on the car model, which determines the technological aspect of the key.

  • Smart key

This is the advanced option for keyless vehicles that automatically detects the smart key in the car’s vicinity and enables the car ignition to be started by pushing a button. This is the most expensive to replace and requires the locksmith to pair a new one to the vehicle.

  • Transponder key

These are old fashioned keys with a wireless connection chip inside the key head. The car can only engage after connecting with the key around, preventing the vehicle from being stolen. Thus, when losing this car key, you will probably have to wait a few days until the locksmith replaces it and a new computer chip embedded in the car key.

  • Traditional key

This is the old key model that offers everyday uses of engaging the ignition and manually locking the car doors. This is fast and easily replaceable, with an instant replacement on site. However, older vehicle models may require a complete central locking system, making it even more expensive than the advanced car key options.

  • Car Key Fob

These are mainly used for cars that are around ten years or older. They contain low-cost remote locks and use a key to start the car or unlock the vehicle’s doors. These come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized by the auto locksmith or mechanic. Other key fobs have a folded key that forms like a switchblade that offers additional car opening capabilities. Different key fobs require different specializations. For instance, keyless cars are more suitable to use smart key fobs than the regular traditional key fobs.

How To Get A Replacement For Your Car Keys

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The fastest and most convenient way of getting your car key replaced is by calling a locksmith. Locksmiths are inexpensive and mobile, coming to where you are. This can help you get a replacement in minutes and move on with your day. Various locksmiths offer specialized packages that enable the customer to access a new key faster and cheaper than a key dealer while saving them on towing charges.

However, it is best to give the locksmith specific car models to ascertain they have the gear to generate the key. Locksmiths offer exact programming and key cutting services for key replacement issues.

If the car key isn’t lost, but the key fob is destroyed, a replacement is arranged. Different online stores offer key fob replacement that removes the internal circuitry from the old damaged fob and places it in a new one. The new fob is customized to match the old one with all the parts in place. The key fob may also have a button malfunction but still start the car. In this case, replace the battery, which is available at retail shops at affordable prices. If this fails, a complete replacement of the electronic assembly is required from the locksmith or car dealer.

Checking online for car key replacement sites can help narrow down your choice. Always check for programming depending on the car’s model.

Things To Consider

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Ensure you research the mechanic or auto locksmith before paying for the car key replacement. This prevents disappointment as key fobs, and smart keys’ skill and expertise vary from shop to shop. It is also best to survey several mechanics for pricing and specialty options before settling on one to help save up on costs and maintenance.

It is possible to get inexpensive spares of your car keys and have them programmed and made by yourself through the owner’s manual. For instance, you can get exact replicas of the original car keys to keep as spares at much cheaper rates. However, be sure to read the manual to determine whether the programming needs specialized assistance from a dealer or locksmith.

It is best to check with your car insurance policy or warranties to ascertain whether you will get full or partial reimbursement from car key replacements. However, most insurance companies do not cover replacement costs for stolen cars.

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