7 Key Things You Should Do If You Locked Your Keys In Your Car

Using a hanger is not the only way to get your keys out of a locked car. Keep reading for 7 key things you should do if you locked your keys in your car.

Getting locked out of your car is one of the worst things ever. You will not know what to do, and you might even resort to breaking your window. However, every problem has its solution. Assignmentgeek.com claims that even the most difficult problem can be solved faster than you can ever imagine.

Millions still have this problem, even with modern smart car keys. If you have your key locked in a car, there are many ways to take it out.

If you locked keys in your car, you need to find a better way than destroying your investment. You should pay for expensive repairs.

In this guide, we give you 7 things you can do to get your car keys if they are in your car. These are ways of not only brute-forcing it open but also reducing damage to it.

Here’s how you do it.

Use a String to Open a Manual Lock

If you have one of the older cars with a manual car lock plunger, there’s an easy way to open your car door. Where you can, use a string or something elastic, like a shoelace. Here’s how you do it.

Tie a small slipknot in the middle, which will act as the hook. You want to pull it on opposite ends to help it tighten around the plunger itself. You’d want to shimmy it in between the gap of your car door near the top corner and move it down.

Once you line up the hoop around the lock, give it a nice tug and you should be good to go.

Use A Hanger to Force Your Way

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Let’s say your car doesn’t have a manual plunger near the window anymore. You likely will have a pull-style switch on the door itself. If you have the key locked in a car, you can use something metal like a wire hanger.

Here’s how.

You want to first separate the hanger from the hook, then create a cane-shaped end. This will help you create a sharp hook that will help you pull up the car lock.

Once you finish making it, slip it in the gap between the car door itself the window slide. Once you do, put it down slowly until it reaches the same depth as the lock. Pull it up.

You may need several tries to do this technique if it’s the first time you’ll do it. After some time, you’ll be intuitive enough to do it easy.

Use the Mechanics’ Wedge and Rod Method

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Here’s a technique straight from locksmiths and mechanics. If you have a key locked in the car, you can use a wedge and rod as a tool. The wedge will help create a gap for the car, while the rod will be your prying object.

First, add a soft, sturdy wedge to hold the car open. A thin plank wedge or a small airbag should suffice. This will allow for enough space to pry your car without bending the metal.

Insert a straightened coat hanger or rod to reach the door’s automatic lock or the power window.

Call an Emergency Locksmith

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If doing it by yourself is impossible, the best way you can work around the problem is to call a local locksmith. Locksmiths who specialize in automobiles will have the right tools to do the job.

Some will have a way to do a forced entry without damaging your car. Some will have ways to duplicate your keys. Since many locksmiths also do emergency services 24/7, you can get the service even if you are roadside.

You want to make sure to have some type of identification if you have locked keys in your car. Learn more about how locksmiths do it here.

Prep A Spare Key

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It’s prudent to have a spare key in your home in case you get your key locked in the car. Manufacturers will always provide two copies of your car keys, so put one copy somewhere safe. If possible, get another spare key or two so you can stash a copy in crucial places.

One of the best ways when it comes to spare keys is to keep one at home and your office desk. This ensures that in the event that you lock in, you still have a secondary way of dealing with it.

Call Roadside Help or 911

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If you’re roadside and you’re having an issue with your car’s lock, here’s the thing. An easy but disruptive way of dealing with it is calling roadside help like 911. Why?

Many use emergency support services to help them for any roadside assistance. Much like your locksmith or mechanic, they will have professional tools to do the job.

Calling 911 helps give you access to the right people. People in emergency services know how problematic these types of issues are. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and you get a key locked in the car, call for emergency and roadside help.

Remember to only call 911 if you are in a rescue scenario. If the road is ultra-dangerous or you lock yourself out in the middle of winter, give them a call.

Call A Tow Truck Company

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In the worst-case scenario when you get your keys locked inside a car, here’s the thing. The best way is to talk to a tow truck hiring company and let them handle the reentry to your car.

The role of a tow truck company is two-fold. One, many tow truck companies provide holistic support, meaning they partner with locksmiths and the like. Most tow trucks will have access to great locksmiths who can help you open the car.

Two, a tow truck company will make sure that you are safe. Whether you admit it or not, standing outside your car and being stuck outside is dangerous. You’ll allow strangers to see your distress.

With a tow company, you can get through the right environment to have your car keys taken back.

Get Locked Keys In Your Car Now!

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If you have locked keys in your car and have no way of retrieving them, don’t panic. You have several options that can help you around. You can pick from brute-forcing strategies to letting services handle it for you.

Whatever happens, nothing beats having the right preparation. Have some spare keys ready. Save the number of your local locksmith and make sure to do good by them.

Are you looking for more practical tips, tricks, and advice? You can take a look at our other guides and see which one can help you. We have many different help articles that you can use to guide you in a difficult situation.

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