7 Things to Observe Before Getting Your Car Paint Done

Car spray paint services are something that has been made use of for decades. However, it wasn’t until the last few, that the art of spray painting your car, has been perfected to such an extent that it is considered art itself.

When car owners get into a car accident, it doesn’t matter how slight or severe the damage caused may be, they immediately go into a panic. This is the case for both old, but especially newly bought cars, as the damage at first seems as though it is irreversible.

On the contrary to what car owners’ shock convince to believe, car spray paint Singapore services is at its best at Sin Heng Long Motor Work, along with the general set of car workshop services, has indeed been perfected over the years.

Car workshop services nowadays, don’t just include the repair of the interior or panel beating services of our cars, but it also offers spray painting services that today, has even been integrated with technology. Technology has allowed the process of getting your car coloring at a car workshop, to be simplified, perfected and completed in no time. Not only does this allow for convenience, but it places car owners at ease and ensures a quality job to be done each time they send it in for a car spray color service.

7 Essential Things to Consider Before Getting Your Car Spray Painted

Spray Painting Cars Takes Time

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Prior to making the decision to send your car for a spray color service, you should be aware of the fact that it takes up to a week to have your car spray colored. This is often something that makes car owners postpone their car’s color job, as we all need our cars to get from A to B every day. Sometimes, due to the extent of the damage caused, your car may spend more than a week in a car workshop. However, this is not always the case. The original color condition of your car also plays a role in the duration it takes for a color job to be completed.

A new paint job may not fix all your car’s appearance problems

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Sending your car for a car workshop service may improve the color of your car, but it won’t cover or fix all its issues, including dents and dings. The same goes for sending your car for panel beating, which may also not fix all your car’s exterior damage. To ensure you’re getting the best out of your color job, you should first address other problems. These include fixing rusty sections, dents, scratches, and pitting. Before rectifying these problems, service providers must also sand and prep your car.

The process of spray painting your car will require removing your car’s interior

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Before your car gets spray-painted, the interior will be removed. This includes your plastic consoles, your dashboard, and your seats. The price of the entire process of spray painting your car will depend on the estimation of your car paint job. It’s always preferred to remove your car’s seats, so that professionals can reach every part of your car, without getting paint on any interior part thereof.

The pricing for paint jobs may vary

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Car job estimations are different depending on service providers, particularly because there is no standard cost involved when car painting is carried out. That is why you should contact several car workshop service providers for quotes, before deciding on one that is adequate to do the job. This is often a step that many car owners overlook and view as unnecessary but is essential to ensure that you’re paying the right price, particularly for high-quality work.

Repainting your car is likely to add value to your car

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Even though it may cost you a pretty penny, having your car repainted will add a lot of value to your car. Your car almost regards as adding a new finish to your car, which will add to the resale value of it. By investing a little money in your car, you can make an added profit when selling it. This is specifically helpful if it gets transformed with a fresh coat of color, ensuring that it will be resold as a valuable investment.

You must consider whether spray painting your car will be worth it

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You may be thinking to yourself that it will without question be worth it to add value to your car. However, given that jobs could cost you a great deal of money, apart from changing the color of your car, is it really necessary? Unless you’ve had your car for a long time or it’s obtained damage, you don’t particularly need to get it repainted. This is where car owners often go wrong, as they have an idea in mind that repainting a car which is only a few years old, is a good idea.

Car owners should always consider if the color job costs 25% or more than the car. If yes, it is without doubt, not worth it to get a color job done.

Consider the details before spray painting your car or sending it for a car workshop service

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Before sending your car in to get spray painted, would you like your car to be repainted with its original color or a new one? Is it necessary to repaint your car with a new colour after it’s been in an accident? You should also consider that changing the color of your car will be a lot more expensive than just repainting its original color.

After considering the color of your color job, you should also consider the type of color your car needs and not settle for paint that is too inexpensive. What you’re looking for is high-quality paint, which is exactly what you should be investing in.

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