Renting Cars in Dubai: Complete Guide for 2024

If you dream of driving a luxury sports car around a glamorous ultramodern city with good quality roads and high speed limits, Dubai should definitely be the first place on your priority list. Besides, there will be no shortage of cars to suit all needs and budgets.

There are lots of car rental agencies in this city, and the rental prices are pretty low by international standards. You can even find top-class crossovers to rent in Dubai for as little as US140-220.

This article tells you all you need to know about the car rental market and traffic rules in the UAE so that you can get a good deal and have a safe and comfortable driving experience in this country.

Legal Requirements


Effectively, there are three legal conditions for renting a car and driving in the UAE:

  1. You must be of legal driving age, which is 21 in this country.
  2. You must have a valid driver’s license. Furthermore, it must be at three years old if you are under 30. (Licenses issued in the Unites States as well as numerous other countries are perfectly valid here, and the local traffic police will be more concerned with your stamps and visas instead.)
  3. You are obliged by the local traffic regulations to have car insurance; otherwise, you might have problems with the police if they stop you. The precise coverage will depend on the type of car you rent. In most cases, it will be anything between AED3-5K, although you might have to cover up to 10K for a luxury or sports car.
Note: if you do not meet all three requirements, you cannot drive in the UAE, unfortunately. Still, there’s a way out – you can rent a car with a personal driver. And even though it will cost you more, you might actually even save that way by having an experienced local driver and avoiding unnecessary car damages and traffic fines.

Car Rental Market


There are lots of them in Dubai, and the variety of options is impressive too. But beware of subletting agencies! They subrent the vehicles and increase the rental price considerably by add their commission to it. Always ask the agency whether they own the car you want to rent.

Rental Deposits

When you find a car to rent, place a reservation and pay the specified deposit. You may expect it to be AED3-5K in most cases. Also, keep in mind that the longer the duration of lease, the more free mileage you may count on, so you can save a pretty penny that way.



Now, you are ready to pick up the car. Most agencies will drive it to you anywhere in the city and Dubai International and charge for it. If you do not care for delivery, though, you can fetch the car yourself, and you might even get a discount for that.

You are welcome to visit Paddock’s Blog for more specific information. You will find many interesting articles about the car rental market in Dubai, as well as traffic rules and driving culture in the UAE.

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