5 Crazy Car Customizations You Can Try In Online Car Games

If you’re a fan of online car games, you’ll know that one of the best experiences is when you get to customize your vehicle. Car customization offers endless possibilities for fun and creative expression, making it an essential part of any car game experience.

Drifting is especially popular in these types of games as it allows players to show off their unique style. Here are five crazy car customization ideas that you can try out in Online Car games:

  1. Change your vehicle’s color scheme – Car enthusiasts know that the color of a vehicle can dramatically change its look and feel, especially while playing drifting games. So why not have some fun with this? Pick vibrant colors and interesting patterns for a truly unique look.
  1. Add unusual body decorations – Get creative with your vehicle’s exterior: from giant spoilers to decals and stickers, there are plenty of ways to make your car stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Upgrade your engine – Car enthusiasts understand that power is essential when it comes to drifting – so why not give your vehicle a power boost? Upgrade your engine, tweak the turbo and get ready to drift!
  1. Add special wheels – If you’re looking for an even more personalized touch, then why not add some custom-made wheels? With such a wide range of sizes, styles and designs available, you’ll be able to make your vehicle look truly unique.
  1. Install a custom exhaust – Car games are all about the sound! Car enthusiasts know that a great-sounding exhaust can give your car a powerful, throaty roar – perfect for drifting in style.

Why Do Online Car Gamers Customize Their Cars?

Car customization offers players the chance to express their creativity and individuality, as well as a way to improve their car’s performance.

With Drifted Car Games, customizing your car is an essential part of the experience. You can even invite your friends to check out your new looks after customizing the race car you use on online games through the tuning or upgrade menus on the various games at Drifted.com.

Does Customizing Your Car Make It Slow?

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No, customizing your car does not necessarily make it slower. Car customization offers many ways for you to improve the performance of your vehicle, from upgrading the engine and turbo to adding custom wheels or exhausts. All of these options can help you optimize your car’s power and speed, allowing you to drift like a pro!


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Car customization is an essential part of any car game experience, especially when it comes to drifting.

With free online car games, you can express your creativity and individuality by customizing your vehicle’s look and performance. From adding bright new colors to upgrading the engine and turbo, there are plenty of ways for you to create a truly unique race car.

So why not give it a go? Try out these five crazy car customization ideas and let your style shine through in Drifted Car Games!

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