How To Reduce Lower Back Pain While Driving?

Driving can be a nightmare especially when you are dealing or have been dealing with back pain. While at times you may escape and decide to use a public vehicle, other times you will still have to use your car. What should you do at such times? You need to find ways to lower the back pain.

For example, ensure that you are comfortable before driving, use a cold pack or a heat pack, have a car seat cushion, and use herbal supplements such as turmeric.

This way, the back pain will alleviate thus making your ride better, comfortable and easy. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these.

1. Check On Your Comfortability Before Commencing Your Journey

Anytime you sit on the driver’s seat before you start the engine is to ensure that you are comfortable.

You see, at times, you may drive on a road that needs a lot of concentration. There may be no chance to make an adjustment to your seat and the like. Next, ensure you confirm if the side mirrors are in an angle that allows you to see clearly without straining.

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This way, any pain that you could be experiencing due to driving the previous day or some other duties you did will be reduced.

On the other hand, ensure that your back pocket is empty so as to keep it flat while you seat to drive. Things such as a wallet will cause an imbalance while you sit thus worsening the back pain.

2. Bring Along A Cold Pack

If you have been having some back pain, you don’t have to cancel a vital function simply because you cannot drive yourself. No, you only need an ice or cold pack. Apply some cold pack on your itching back so as to alleviate any inflammation you may be experiencing.

You could visit your nearby pharmacy to get the ice pack or you could improvise yours and keep it in your car just in case a need arises.

Also, you can get some heat pack to ensure that you keep your body muscles warm. Nevertheless, there is no need to get some other heat packs if your car has some heated seats. However, you have to decide to use either a heat pack or a cold pack depending on the condition you are in.

3. Use A Seat Cushion

The vibrations of the car can worsen the back pain. While this is so, your car tires may increase vibrations if they are not in good condition. Also, the shock absorbers which are actually meant to reduce the car vibrations may be worn out. This may cause a lot of vibrations on your car which may cause or increase the back pain.

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Although the first thing should be to find a mechanic who can handle the issues in your car, it is highly recommended to use car seat cushions. This cushion helps in absorbing the shock.

4. Watch On Your Posture

Whether you have a back pain issue or not, you cannot afford to have a bad position while driving. In fact, a U.K survey shows that out of all the drivers, 75% are suffering from back pain. Why? Wrong posture while driving.

You don’t have to be among them. So, ensure that you have your seat at an angle of somewhere between 100 and 110 degrees. This will make your spine comfortable thus reducing any back pain issues you could be having.

5. Use Herbal Supplement

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Some of the herbal plants you see around and that many people do not use are crucial for maintaining your health. For example, Turmeric can help deal with your back pain by lowering it. The website associated with such facts Free your spine mentions that Turmeric contains an element that is known as curcumin.

She farther adds that this curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory. That is why using a turmeric supplement is crucial to help lower back pains since it will ease your body muscles as well as joints.

Over To You

Don’t let back pain hinder you from driving your car. Follow each of these tips I have provided in this article to reduce it successfully. Failure to reduce the back pain may result in spinal issues that, if not treated early enough, may cause disability. You can’t afford to spend all your life indoors due to a back issue you can handle. Take action today.

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