Key Aspects You Need to Know About Car Air-Conditioning

The car’s air conditioner has become an almost mandatory item on every vehicle. In a country with a tropical climate, having equipment that regulates temperature is no longer a luxury and has become essential. See some answers on questions about car air conditioning.

What are the parts of this system?

This systems may have small variations according to the car, but usually have the following parts: magnetic coil, evaporator, air box, electric lash, sensors, suction tank, thermostat, belt, expansion valve, heater, fans, pressure switches, accumulator filter, dryer, tubing, anti-pollen filter, condenser compressor, muffler, expander tube and electric control. Visit and pick up any car’s air conditioning original part.

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What is the difference between digital and analog system?

Digital AC system, available on Jaguar cars, allows more adjustments than the analog system, giving passengers more comfort. In addition to not having this function, the analog air-conditioner is usually more fragile.

Does using it leaks the gas in the car?

Not! In fact, this is one of the biggest myths about the air conditioner in the car. The system gas only leaks in the event of a vehicle defect. That is, if the maintenance is up to date, stay calm.

What is the dual zone AC system?

The dual zone air conditioner system, which is available on the new Jaguar, allows two different, temperatures to be chosen inside the cabin so all passengers can be comfortable.

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How much does the car spend on gasoline when the system is on?

They say that a car with the air-conditioner on spends twice the gasoline, but it’s not true. Of course, it depends a lot on the vehicle and the driving style of the driver, but studies indicate that the consumption is 10 to 20% higher.

If it is at the maximum, can you spare more gas?

The difference in gasoline between the car connected to the air conditioner at minimum or maximum is very small. As a result, there is almost no difference in consumption according to the intensity of the air.

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Does it need oil?

Yes, you do. Except for engine oil, you only have to change it in case of system maintenance.

Is it true that leaving the windows open at high speeds can waste more gas?

Yes. That is, depending on the speed, you will consume more gasoline than with the air on.

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