Giving Complete Information on Michigan Car Accident and Drunk Drivers

These days, more and more cars are being produced with more technological equipment, and their manufacturers are increasingly convincing us to drive safely. However, no matter how new cars are equipped, there is no way manufacturers can keep all drivers safe from an accident. Therefore, the question arises. If you are involved in an accident – what to do? In this regard, we have prepared for you a list with the basic actions necessary to perform after an accident. So, if you are involved in an accident, whether it is a terrible accident or a minor collision, you need to stop. Naturally, stopping should not endanger your life, so look around carefully first. Turn on your emergency warning lights.

Check yourself and others involved in the accident for injuries. If you find that someone is injured, Michigan law requires you to give the injured person “reasonable care.” This includes calling medical personnel or taking the injured person to the hospital. If you try to provide medical care yourself, the injured person may sue you for this action. Call emergency services by dialing 911 and explain the situation to them. Be prepared to give the dispatcher information about the location of the collision and any other information about the accident.

Exchange contact information with the other driver, which includes name, address, phone number, and insurance company information. Also, write down information about the weather and driving conditions on the day of the accident, contact information for witnesses, and all vehicle information (make, model, license plate number). Wait for the police to arrive and tell them your story of the accident. At the same time, be polite to everyone and do not interfere with the officer’s own investigation.

Make sure that the police officer draw up a report and put the names of all your passengers on it. Notify your insurance company that you were involved in a car accident. Don’t sign anything the insurance agent offers you without talking it over with an attorney beforehand. See a doctor within 14 days of the accident. You need to document any injuries you acquired in the accident as soon as possible. The Nunez Law Firm advises seeking the help of an experienced attorney and learning all the next steps needed after an accident in Michigan.

Emigrants’ actions after an accident


There is often a question about what immigrants should do after a car accident. Many people think that they cannot expect to receive any kind of payment because they are not U.S. citizens. In fact, this is not the case. The law of America establishes that everyone is entitled to help if they are involved in an accident. Accordingly, you are entitled to claim your expenses from your insurance company.

They may try to deny payment, arguing your status in the country or that you do not have a social security number, but these actions are illegal and can be disproved in court. The only thing you may have problems with is the payment of your lost wages if you were unofficially employed. Seek experienced legal help to understand even better what you can expect after an accident in Michigan.

An accident in which one driver is uninsured


The protection provided by Michigan accident-free insurance is one of the best in the country. If you are seriously injured in an accident, your policy will cover your medical bills and pay some of your lost wages. But what happens if you are involved in an accident and don’t have insurance?

If you own a car, Michigan law requires you to adhere to a no-fault policy. You could face stiff penalties if you drive or let someone else drive it without insurance. Consequently, you can also expect the other driver you encountered to have been in an accident without insurance or to be uninsured.

Not only is it illegal to drive uninsured, but it can get very expensive if you are involved in a car accident without insurance. Here’s what you need to know to avoid financial disaster.
An accident you get into with an uninsured car can present very serious consequences for
you. And, it doesn’t depend on who was at fault for the accident.


  • If someone else is injured in the accident, you could be sued and held liable.
  • If you are injured, you are not entitled to any personal injury protection benefits provided by insurance. This includes medical expenses and lost wages.
  • Also, you cannot recover non-economic damages from the at-fault party in the accident.
  • If you die in an accident, your family will not receive survivor benefits.
  • Even if no one is injured, you can be fined $500 and/or a year in jail for allowing your vehicle to be driven without insurance or for driving someone else’s vehicle knowing it was uninsured.

An accident, therefore, in which you are involved without insurance, can take a significant hit to your finances in Michigan. If you are the victim of an accident, you will not be reimbursed, but if you caused it, you will need to cover the injured party’s costs yourself, which are unlimited in amount.

Accident Consequences for Drunk Drivers


If you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or have been involved in a drunk driving accident, be prepared to face some pretty serious penalties and restraints. At the same time, remember that such crimes are considered serious and can have a negative impact on your future.

  • So, on your first offense, you may receive:
  • A fine (up to $500);
  • Imprisonment (up to 93 days);
  • Community Service (up to 360 hours);
  • Suspension of your license (up to 6 months);
  • 6 points on your driver’s license;
  • A criminal record for driving and/or a DUI accident.

For a second offense (and for a first offense if your blood-alcohol level was 0.17 or higher), the penalties can be even more severe. At the same time, the amount for your insurance may be increased.

You may be found guilty of causing death or serious injury in a drunk driving accident in Michigan. The penalties, in that case, would be even more severe.

An accident in which someone dies could result in:

  • A fine ($2,500 to $10,000);
  • Jail time (up to 15 years).
  • If someone is seriously injured in an accident, you could be given:
  • A fine ($1,000 to $5,000);
  • Jail time (up to 5 years).

Also, you may be given additional penalties that are awarded for both serious injury and someone’s death. These could be:

  • Revocation of your driver’s license (for a minimum of 1 year);
  • Confiscation of the license plate;
  • Immobilization of the vehicle (up to 6 months);
  • Possible confiscation of the vehicle;
  • 6 points on your driver’s license.

DUI arrests are very serious business, but not every arrest ends in a conviction. Therefore, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can help you with your post-accident defense in Michigan.

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