When To Hire An Attorney After a Car Accident – 2024 Guide

The number of traffic accidents is significantly increasing with each passing year. The reasons can be speeding, drunk driving or non-compliance with other legal regulations, but regardless of that, we should try not to become a participant in one of them. In case this happens, be it our own or someone else’s fault, we must know how to act and react quickly and correctly. However, the practice has shown that the level of stress after such inconvenience is so high that it doesn’t allow us to think rationally. First of all, we must take care of ourselves and provide the necessary medical care, depending on the severity of the injury.

After that there comes the legal hassle and the consequences – many people will try to make a deal with the other participant in the crash, their insurance company, and the police. Since people don’t know much about law, professional legal services are usually an asset that can prevent unfair outcomes.

To learn in which situations the help of a lawyer might be crucial, keep reading!

Hit and run

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The car accidents in which one of the participants simply ‘hits and runs’ are way too frequent nowadays. The reasons why people decide to run away from the place where the accident took part may vary, but the most common one would be fear from getting caught. Some of them don’t have their driver’s license or simply try to avoid the police for some other reason.

In this case, you can remain without the compensation that belongs to you, and that is why you must turn to a professional who’ll find a way to get what belongs to you. Not only will they prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you, but they’ll also provide you with a higher return than you would get by yourself. Anyone who wants to find out more about how this works and what other benefits you can get from hiring a lawyer in such cases can read more here.

When you need protection from the bad intentions of the insurance company

The insurance company representing the person who caused the crash doesn’t have the same interest as you. They’ll try to reduce your compensation as much as possible. Therefore, if someone from such an organization contacts you by phone, try not to answer immediately and don’t agree to their conditions before consulting a lawyer. Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the costs of medical treatment and the time you’ll have to spend at home on sick leave.

A reliable lawyer will easily estimate the costs you can expect and make an effort to get money for them. If you don’t want to run into financial problems, this is the only right thing you can do.

When you don’t know enough about the damages for which you can receive compensation

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To know what belongs to you as a victim, you need to understand the wide range of damages that might happen. The misunderstanding of this whole sphere can be used against you. That’s why you can’t just stand and wait for justice to win – you have to take matters into your own hands and try to protect yourself.

In addition to compensation for material damage, as well as for medical treatment, in case of injury, your lawyer will know what else you need to refer to. Disability, mental pain, suffering, and emotional disturbances are just some of the aspects that you can charge well for.

When you need help to avoid financial losses

If you think you have nothing to lose if you go through this on your own, think again. Financial losses can be really huge, and even though you’re the damaged party, you can get out of everything with even worse consequences. So, know where your limits are and don’t hesitate to contact your legal representative.

Also, such accidents often require filing a lawsuit, which, you’ll agree, you can easily do incorrectly without professional help. If you’re late, it can cost you even more, but by taking reckless steps you can lose the right to ever file such a lawsuit again, lose your compensation and make the insurance company happy. You don’t want that, do you?

When you probably won’t be able to prove your responsibility on your own

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Proving responsibility isn’t easy – even though both you and the other participant know whose fault it is, you’ll have to confirm your claims somehow. How will you find a way to prove that someone else’s irresponsibility has resulted in your injuries? How will you prove that you didn’t cause the accident? We do know one thing for sure – you can’t do it alone. You’re going to need a person who knows more about the laws and who will be able to beat a lawyer representing another participant.

Each of your wrong statements can drastically reduce your chances of proving your correctness in this case. Unfortunately, this is how things work and it would be better to accept it as that’s the only way you can help yourself.

When you want to get medical help

While some car accidents end with a small crash and a few scratches, others can be catastrophic and have major consequences for human health. Once you find yourself in the middle of one, you may suffer various injuries and you’ll need medical help. If you don’t have health insurance, your lawyer will know best who to contact.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, someone will have to pay your hospital bill, and it shouldn’t be yo, of course. Therefore, don’t let insurance companies manipulate you and provide yourself with the necessary protection by having the right person by your side.

It would be best if you never get into a situation like this and you never need these tips – but if it happens, you need to be able to handle it. Don’t hesitate to seek legal help when you need it most and take care of yourself – after all, you’re the best you have!

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