Top Festivals in the US Worth Traveling For

Special various events with any themes could be a tremendous opportunity to book your next trip—a new experience distinct from the usual way of traveling through cities or wild nature. And the broader range of activities, because festivals concentrate on diverse entertainment, will obviously keep you busy.

50 The United States of America is a huge land of rich historical background and large cultural mix, demonstrated bright in the festivals, where you can get acquainted with them closely. Consider the five best examples in this article and plan your visit with us.

Short preparation guide

Reach the destination comfortably

Is flying better than a car? Generally, a road trip is more interesting than a plane because you can see more along the way. Attending roadside attractions and observing nature wonders in combination with fantastic highway landscapes may be a part of your vacation if you have plenty of time. It is important to choose the right vehicle.

Couple or single trips? Pick up the midsize or compact car. With, it will be fast and easy – the agent helps pick the car up if you are unsure of your choice.

For family trips, we advise you to pay attention to a 7-passenger van rental and get a spacious auto with movable seats which you can change according to your needs – more room or bigger group? Rent a 7-seater and keep the environment flexible.

Check the route on the maps

Although nowadays we have a connection almost with the whole world in our gadgets, it would be good to plan some stops and know your departure and destination. There are a lot of exciting places on the path – the Roadtrippers app shows them in all sorts of directions you wish to choose.

Hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, and so on are clearly depicted on Google Maps. Think over where you can spend the night or where else you can go to have fun. It is essential not to waste time.

Do your homework attentively

Start it beforehand. The earlier you shop around, the more discounts you can find and the best deal for your reservations. Absolutely different offerings and promotions for everything, proceeding from massage in the spa and ending with online purchases. That is also useful while you are getting ready for the vacation and have to buy extra stuff like a baby seat.

Use these sites:

  • LivingSocial specializes primarily in travel bargains.
  • TravelZoo. It helps to find cheap car rentals and save money on flights.
  • Digital coupons for groceries.
  • Groupon. Literally everything; look in the categories closely.

Packing perfection

Bags also take a lot of time. Don’t let them on the last day and purchase essentials gradually. Begin stocking up with USB adapters, power banks, or chargers to not take them panic at the airport or shop nearby for exorbitant prices. Then, move to the wardrobe and see what clothes you lack.

The basic travel capsule consists of 6 pairs of underwear, 2-3 casual things and 3 different bottoms (trousers, skirt, shorts), and 2 blouses or button-up shirts. Quality natural materials are welcome, as comfortable shoes.

Two last days focus on cooking grabs. Healthy food only if you want to stay energetic. Fresh fruits, nuts, vegan chips, and so forth. And now, let’s move to the list of festivals.

Select your next festival

Oktoberfest, Georgia


Time: September 9 to November 7.

A piece of Germany in the heart of Helen – celebration in a traditional style which exposes you to the atmosphere inspired by the Bavarian Alps. Live music, performed by numerical polka bands around the country, will encourage you to catch the rhythm and dance together on the floor.

Food is served by Festhalle, which also provides a variety of American and German beer for adults in boot-sized mugs. You can try other local cuisine options in Bodensee, famous for original favorites like spaetzle.

Coachella, California


Time: April 15-17, April 22-24.

Are you a hanging lover? Then, weekends in the company of celebrities and music fans east of Palm Springs would be great. Except for a chance to meet with your idols in the crowd, there are more things you should see if you are fortunate to snatch a ticket.

Chill in Coachella camping. It is not the same as in a hotel. Cool people, which creates a specific vibe with ventilated outfits. And it is just an outbreak of imaginable things to do in this fantastic place.

Fantasy Fest, Florida


Time: October 21 – October 30

Fantasy Fest was recognized as one of the most fun festivals in the USA. Get your dose of positive during 10 saturated days. More than 60 official parties with thousands of themes, costume contests, and even masquerade balls like in a fairy-tale!

The main one is the Coronation Ball, where exactly you could be crowned as King or Queen of Fantasy Fest. Let your inner potential be realized through bright colors. There is a freedom of creativity and arts – do as you feel.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival, Florida


Time: January 29

According to legend, this celebration originated in Tampa in 1904, and Jose Gaspar and his vigilantes looted the city during the current pirate festival. However, while this version was in the public eye the whole century, it was revealed as fiction for tourism.

But eventually, it is like the old days: the actual pirate invasion in 100+ floats in Tampa Bay, treasure hunt and… One little detail. Modern pirates are more kind and gladly share the loot with people, throwing the treats to the crowd. Perfect an unforgettable family holiday!

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington


Time: March 20 – April 11

Step into spring, the luxurious blossoming of the whole district. The pink road signs in the avenues on the National Mall notify visitors about the forthcoming festival. The new popular activities are Petal Porch Parades and Art in Bloom. More entertainment you can find in Georgetown and other neighborhoods of DC.


Hope you’ve got a good first impression of festivals from the description and certainly attend at least one of them! Wish you an excellent trip and a nice road.

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