6 transportation tips and tricks for your Business Travels

Travelling is great. It is a unique way to get to know different regions, continents, people, civilisation and cultures. When it comes to travelling, unfortunately not everyone gets to go on a trip for fun.

Since we are busy and working people, in most cases, we are talking about individuals who are travelling for business. These are also exciting at first, but they become pretty boring after some time. It sometimes feels like you are always in a rush, you always are late, every airport and town are the same and so on. Business trips are tough but they really shouldn’t be like that. Organised people and people that know several of the tips and tricks we will share with you travel pretty easily and happily every time.

There are a few things you need to know and implement if you want to travel and one of those things is hiring a special airport service that will treat you like royalty, like the one at Frankfurt FRA meet and greet services. These are great and they will make your life in and around airports way easier. Now we will deal with them a bit later, now let’s talk you through our tips and tricks for easier business travels:

1. Join loyalty programs

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Since you are always on the road, or in this case in the air why not take advantage of that and join all the loyalty programs you use along the way. Anything from airlines, hotels, car rental services even gas stations if you can find them. Join them all despite the fact it is a huge hassle to go through all of these loyalty programs. The returns you can and will get from them are worth that time and hassle believe us. With aeroplane loyalty programs you get certain benefits like the first pick of the seats, carry-on goes in your overhead compartment and so on. As for hotels and car rentals you usually got some financial leniencies or upgrades depending on the availability and the loyalty program duration.

2. TSA pre-check

Most people that fly regularly for a business like to keep things as simple as possible, and the way to do this is to register for a TSA pre-check. This will mean you need to fill out a bunch of paperwork, give your fingerprints and go through a check that you are who you state you are and that is it. In the best possible scenario, you will manage to do this in 15 minutes the worst case possible is 30 to 45 minutes. This little side hassle will save you much time at the airport and you will see that this is worth it eventually. What we noticed and what we know is that airports open more TSE pre-check lines than regular lines, so you are ahead of time there as well. This will save you time especially when you have tight schedules which are almost all the time in business and business travels.

3. Last-minute checks

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This is a bit unnecessary to state but so many people forget that even the best air companies have issues, delays, bad weather and whatnot. This is where we tell you to always do your pre-flight checks for your flight, is it on time, is late, delayed or something else. Do this before you get to the airport, do it at the airport, double-check the gates you are supposed to go to and just make sure that everything is going according to plan. When in business you know you need to be as precise and as accurate as possible. Tardiness is not something business people love, no matter what caused it, you or the force of nature.

4. Accessories

Make sure you have got all of your devices charged, prepared and checked before the trip. If you got power banks, backup cards and storage devices check them for storage, charge and everything in between. Check your connections and most importantly check your Wi-Fi connection. Never rely on that airport Wi-Fi because at times it is perfect and at others, you can get it for the life of you. If you need something done make sure your internet is working or that you do all of your jobs in your hotel or at home before you leave. If you plan on watching something on the plane or at the airport then you may want to think about downloading everything you want before and store it on your phone or tablet for ease.

5. Snacks and liquids

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Now pretty much anything can happen at an airport and on a business trip. This is why small things like packing any or additional snacks and liquids are a good idea. What if you are in a storm and your flight is delayed and on top of that there is a huge power outage, what if any other misfortune befalls you and you are there both hungry and thirsty and you have to rely on others. These are the reasons why you always pack a couple of chocolate or power bars and a bottle of your favourite drink that will keep you going a bit more. Maybe your meeting is rescheduled but you don’t have time to go get food and water and what you brought extra saves you.

6. Additional services

As we already mentioned some services are offered at the airport called to meet and greet services that are there for you in and around the airport or the entirety of your trip from your hotel to the airport to the destination you need to reach. These meet and greet services offer vehicles, chauffeurs, offer faster check-ins and outs of the airport, easier baggage claims and faster customs clearance which is what every businessman like yourself needs especially if you are constantly on the road and in the air. Time is money and none should be wasted.

Whenever you travel, although it sounds ridiculous, you need to take things slowly, calmly and organized. Rushing things, packing swiftly and running for every gate, plane and meeting will make these travels hated. If you take it easy and follow at least some of these steps you will manage to be prepared for some things and you will save your time in and around airports. Make sure that you do those TSA pre-checks and that you invest in that meet and greet service because that will greatly make your entire travel experience great. You will rush through the airports and you will feel like royalty in the process.

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