5 Tips on How to Transport Bikes with Your Car – 2024 Guide 

Did you know? You can carry your bike with the help of your car from one place to another. Wondering how? Well, today we are going to share a few tips to reveal how you can get your bike transported conveniently in your car. When you want to do cycling, it is crucial that you carry your cycle with you if you have planned to slam the road on it. At the same time, it is crucial that you carry it securely and legally as well. The fanbase for cycling is growing considerably, and if you are also one of them, then these tips will help you keep up your cycle.  

By pedalling, you can ensure a healthy and active life. No matter, whether you cycle in rural areas, urban roads, mountains, etc. We will speak about carrying your bikes conveniently on cars to a distant location where you can practice cycling. Buy the best budget bicycles from XDS Bicycles.  They provide the best cycling experience even on muddy roads.

Several people travel by their bicycles daily and use them as a means of transportation to commute. Others love cycling and do it to escape from their daily routine, or they may also do cycling out of interest. Let us see how you can take your bicycle along with you, effortlessly.  

 1. Put it Inside your Car 

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It is one of the most convenient options for transporting your bicycle. The simplest option of doing so is to carry it by putting it inside your car. Even if the bicycle is not disassembled, you can place it safely inside the trunk of your car. If the trunk doesn’t have sufficient space, you can consider folding the seats. However, at the same time ensure that the load is fully secured to the extent possible so that the cycle inside is not able to move.  

 There are no rules laid down to carry any kind of load inside your vehicle, however, by common sense, we can assume that you can consider securing the load tightly with straps. Ensure that you get it transported with great care, without causing any damage.  

 2. Roof Racks 

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One such popular option of transporting your bicycle with your car is to carry them along, by placing your bicycle on the roof of your vehicle. You can place the cycle on its roof by using a roof rack. Although people prefer this option more often, honestly speaking, this one is highly uncomfortable. This is generally because you will need to push the bike up on the top of your vehicle. Several kinds of bike racks are available in the market for you to decide from. Pick one as per your convenience.  

 The promising part about hauling your bicycle on the canopy is that you can protect it from all types of theft and damages. One may get frustrated from getting the cycle on the top of the car. But, it is the most effective way of doing so.  

 3. On your Back Seat 

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You can also decide to take your cycle on the backseat of your car if you worry about the scratches it can cause in the trunk. Well, frankly speaking, when you decide to carry it in your backseat, you will realize that it is the easiest option to do so. Just ensure that the tyres of your bicycle are clean enough to be kept on the seats. If not so, get them cleaned, or else the seats will get dirty.  

 Also, don’t allow anyone to sit along with the bicycle as they may get injured. Don’t take your children along with the bicycle in your car. You will have to drive your car swiftly to ensure that it doesn’t move much. Though there are some risks involved, it is one of the safest ways of doing so.  

 4. Trunk Rack 

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This is a suitable option when you don’t have to carry your bike very frequently, or if you are not looking for a permanent type of rack to carry your cycle. You can swap your vehicles to carry your cycle on a trunk rack. However, this kind of rack is more susceptible to damage than any other option. Being a budget-friendly option, you can try to use this when you don’t have to travel a long distance. Once bought, you can conveniently use this one rack on a variety of vehicles. Moreover, it is very easy to load your bikes on a trunk rack. To prevent theft, you can keep an eye on your cycle, that it is positioned well even while travelling.  

 5. Using a Truck Bed 

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Trucks are produced to carry loads conveniently from one place to another. Hence, they make great bike transporters. All you have to do is to merely toss your bicycle up on the truck bed, attach it to the back of your automobile, and you stand ready to go. Buying a truck bed is not an economical option, and therefore people generally, don’t go for it. A major risk is involved in doing the same. There exist high chances that the cycle can shift when your vehicle is moving. Hence, when it gets around, the cycle can damage the car. It can leave the truck bed scratched from all over while transporting. Still, you can choose to transmit your cycle with a truck bed. Use soft straps or a Bungee Cord, or you can also place a cycle rack in the truck bed to assure it stays in place.  

 The Bottom Line  

You should keep in mind that the cycle gets stolen quite often. Hence, ensure complete safety and choose to inspect on your cycle frequently. There are other options as well with which you can easily transport your cycle or take them along with you on a trip. Choose to either carry them inside or outside. Also, fix then in place using straps so that they move from their place. While carrying them inside, you should drive safely to avoid any injury and damage. Select the best tools and racks that suit your needs. Pack your cycle safely in your car to get it transported. This way you will not have to spend those extra bucks in doing so.  

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