How to Make Money of Your Junk Car – 2024 Guide

Every product has its expiration date, so as cars. No matter if it was crushed or simply old, it is not indestructible. After many years of driving and even investing in the maintenance, the time for getting rid of it and replacing it with a better version has to come.

Many people find it difficult to sell. Most of them do not know where to start. Here are some tips on how to sell your old car.

If it is still in good condition for driving, you should try to “put some makeup on it”. What you can do is to check if some minor things work. Check lights, mirrors, siren, seatbelts, filtration, engine. The better it is, the better offer you will get. The important thing is to make your car clean. Carwash doesn’t cost much, but it will make the first impression better. Adding a car scent will attract a potential buyer – it smells better, leaving the impression that the car is not that old.


If there are any personal belongings, papers, or stickers in or on the car – get rid of it. Pay attention to an ashtray, keep it empty and clean. Many people do not want to buy a car from a smoker because of an unpleasant smell. Also, the seats are very important. Over the years and years of driving, they get dirty and an unpleasant odor creeps into them. Clean them and remove stains if there are any. If you have leather seats, it would look better if you wipe them and after it, you put some leather protection crème on them. In only a few minutes the interior of your car will look refreshed, shiny, and clean. If the steering wheel looks old and worn, buy a cover for it. It is cheap, but it will improve the overall impression.

If there are some little things to fix, do it. In that way, you can get a better offer for your car. Like we already said, the more you invest, the more you can earn on it.

There are various ways how to sell your car. You can make an advert about selling or to offer it to a car dealer. If you are already in search of another vehicle, a car dealer might be a very good solution, you will finish two things in one – sell the old one and buy another one. The advantage of it is that it will save your time and the seller will include the old car in the price of the new one.


It is good to consider many factors before putting your vehicle on sale. Think about the time of the year. If the college is starting soon, it is one of the good signs that the time for selling has come. Many students are moving away from their houses and they are finding the most suitable way how to reach the school from home and backward. They are not in search of expensive, luxury cars, but some older cars suitable for their untrained drive. Nice weather also contributes to car selling. Many people feel more moveable when it’s warm outside. If it is raining or snowing, we feel more comfortable staying at home by doing the only thing we have to do. None of us like to hear that the prices of public transportation got higher, but this could be a good sign. People will find it more cost-effective to drive themselves in their vehicle, enjoying in the comfort while driving, so the chances of a sale are becoming better.

If your car is destroyed and not worth investing not even penny in it, sell it. There are many ways how and where to sell it. Do not expect the big money for it, be aware of your car’s condition.


One option is car waste. No matter how destroyed your car is, it is always possible to sell it in such a place. There are always some usable parts, whether it is a door, engine or wipers, and other small spare parts. All you have to do to find out more about it is to sit comfortably in your favorite chair and start your search here No matter how much money you get, remember it is still better than nothing. Of course, you will try to get the best price as possible, but be realistic in your expectations. It is easier to buy a new one if you already got some money from the previous one, plus, now you have space in the garage for your new best friend.

If it is worthless, take your car to the wreck and you will at least get some money for pressing it. It is usually paid per kilo. As the heavier, your car is, the more money you will get. Some of them have raised the service to a higher level, offering to pick up your car and take it directly to the waste. Before you dispose of your car, cancel the insurance. Another important thing to do is to take the plates off. In some cities, you are obliged to do it. What is also necessary to do is to certify the car’s mileage and to check if the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) matches the one on the title.


Another possible option is a car mechanic. Be sure that they will find more useful parts than you think. Make sure that he does not underestimate the value of your former four-wheel pet. Try to inform yourself if someone from your surrounding can recommend a reliable car dealer.

Any decision you make, it is better than taking up space in your garage or rotten in front of your house. In addition to that, you will be also recognized as a person with a developed awareness of the environment and you will not be worried that your neighbor will report you for junk collecting.

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