How To Calculate The Cost to Ship a Car To A Different State

It can be intimidating not knowing how much it’ll cost you to ship your car to another state. Don’t worry! Here’s your guide on how to calculate the costs!

If you’re reading this, odds are, there’s a car you need to ship. There are many reasons people choose to send their vehicles across the country – relocation, buying automobiles from out-of-state dealerships, or having their car repaired someplace else. Whatever your reason might be, there’s no excuse not to do your research before shipping! In this guide, you’ll learn how much it might cost you in total, what factors determine the price, and finally, tips and options for reducing the cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Another State?

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The cost of shipping a car varies and is calculated based on several factors, with distance being the primary one. Generally, you can expect to pay around $900 – $1500 when transporting a vehicle long distance. Depending on how far away your new state is, you might spend about $1100 on average.

Factors That Determine Car Shipping Costs


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The single most costly consideration is the distance. Carriers typically charge according to mileage and gas costs for their trucks. That’s why despite being risky, some people choose to rent two dollies and drive their cars across the country in hopes of saving money.

Vehicle Weight & Size

Carriers also charge based on the amount of space needed to accommodate the car along with its weight. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel the truck will consume before reaching its destination.

Time of the Year

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There are certain times of the year when shipping costs are higher. One of those is in December, which – for obvious reasons – has extremely high demand due to the holiday season. The price hike results from people moving for vacation or auto transport companies demanding more because of challenging weather and road conditions. Shipping costs are also elevated in the summer when many people move. Meanwhile, according to, you’ll find that rates are generally lower during the fall, just after summer ends and trees begin showing tints of tangerine.

Method of Transport

The type of shipping you choose will directly impact the price. Things typically fall into two categories: open-air trailer or enclosed carrier. Open-air is cheaper, but keep in mind that this exposes your vehicle to the outside environment — not the best option when shipping an expensive car. On the other hand, an enclosed trailer will be more costly in exchange for securing your precious wheels in a completely enclosed container.

Vehicle Type and Model

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Cars come in various shapes and sizes. It only makes sense that the more challenging it is to ship yours, the more you’ll have to pay. For example, shipping cars with low ground clearance or compact body dimensions proves to be more difficult for carriers and, therefore, more expensive. In addition, the more rare or costly the vehicle model is, expect to dish out more money. That’s because carriers will be taking more considerable risks trying to transport luxury vehicles, such as a Ferrari, Mercedes, or Corvette. Click on


Much like distance, location plays a vital role in car shipping prices. A transport from Florida to California has different expenses than shipping one from Michigan to New York. Carriers initially charge by weight and distance. However, they also factor in if your delivery falls within their usual route. The less common the destination, the more expensive it is to ship.

Delivery Time

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It’s not a secret that the sooner you want your car to arrive, the more expensive shipping becomes. If you require expedited shipping, your carrier will have to prioritize your delivery over others. Unless it’s an emergency, you should wait until the usual time frame for your car to be delivered. Patience is the key.

Number of Vehicles You’re Shipping

This one should be obvious. If you’re shipping just one vehicle, then your cost will be significantly lower than if you’re delivering a truckload full or more. Note that there might also be additional charges for loading and unloading times.

How to Calculate Car Shipping Price

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Honestly, the best way to know the price is to ask your auto transport company. However, if you want to get an idea, try multiplying the distance by the average cost per mile, which is about $0.90. This average increases the shorter the trip and decreases the farther your car needs to go. Also, remember that the factors enumerated above will affect the final price.
Many factors are at play when determining the average car shipping cost. It’s a good thing to be informed so that you know what you’re getting into. The best advice you can do for cutting down costs is to find a trustworthy carrier whose sole intention is your satisfaction. It pays to do your research!

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