What is a Jeep Winch & How to Use One

When your jeep gets stuck in a tight spot or muddy road, and you cannot move, a jeep winch helps you get out of the tough situation. Therefore, a winch is a usually pulling device that allows you to pick your jeep in case of trouble by mounting to the front bumper of your automobile. Also, it comprises with a rope and a motor. You can pull your jeep or your friend’s jeep in case of an emergency.

However, there are different types of jeep winches available out there in the market. If you want the best one for you, you can read all about jeep winches from hungrygarage.com because they have covered everything you may require before you head over to buy a jeep winch. But the good news is you are going to learn what a jeep winch is and its use if you are stuck on a tough road.

What is a Winch and Types of winches

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A winch is a pulling device that can help you get rid of the muddy, rough road when your jeep cannot move. A cable or rope and motor of the winch allow you to mount it to your jeep’s front bumper to pull your vehicle from the tough road. Also, there are two types of winches out there in the market. One of them is electric, and the other is hydraulic.

When it comes to an electrically powered jeep winch, it allows you to use the winch for at least five minutes, even if the engine is dead. So, if you are stuck on a steep terrain from where it needs more time for the rescue, a hydraulic winch may be a suitable option there.

How an electric winch work

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If you want to use an electric winch to pull your jeep from where it gets stuck, you will see a gear set and motor to turn the winch’s drum. The drum of the winch is like a cylinder where the cable or rope is spooled around it. At the time of using a winch, the motor of the winch is seen to spin. The rotors of the device rotate internally, and an output shaft is seen to integrate with the device.

For permanent magnet motor, there is a strong magnet that has been rotated on the stator. On the other hand, series-wound engines have field coils whether there is a permanent magnet in the case of a permanent motor. In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to understand.

Consider synthetic rope instead of steel.

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A jeep winch may have synthetic ropes or steel cables. When you go to use the winch to rescue your car or your friend’s car, you have to make sure that depending on the cable of the winch, and you have to pull it. While dragging a synthetic rope, chances are there will be no harm for your hands. On the other hand, when it comes to using steel cables, you are likely to be vulnerable to harm your hands.

When dragging the cable, it may break and cause unwanted damage to your hands. So, for your safety, you should use synthetic rope instead of steel cables. Also, you should wear thick hand gloves while dragging the cords or strings.

How to use a jeep winch

Before you rescue your car from the rough condition, you have to ensure that you are using all the necessary precautions. Otherwise, you may cause any harm to yourself. Because the rope or cable may break anytime, which may also cause some inconvenience to you. You know that synthetic rope may develop debris on it, which may be slippery while dragging it. So, before you start, you need to clean the string as well. And, you have to pull the jeep from a safer distance.

  • Step 1

In the very beginning step of using the winch, you have to make sure that you are entirely equipped with thick gloves and boots so that you don’t have to face any danger. Then it would be best if you went to attach the necessary tools to the car and use the synthetic rope.

  • Step 2

If you go to use synthetic rope in the winch, before you start dragging it, make sure there is no debris or any other things that have developed on it over time. Because at the time of pulling the rope, it may cause harm to you. Maybe, the string can break while dragging or sliding from your hands, which is a potential cause of any mishap.

  • Step 3

In this step, you also have to ensure that you are entirely protected wearing a pair of thick gloves that you may use in the garden, wearing needed boots, and so forth. All these things will save you from any danger. When dragging the rope, it may break or slide from your hands, which may cause you any harm to your hands.

  • Step 4

Maintain a minimum distance from the car because it might cause any injury. Severe damage may suffer you for a long time. Before you head over to start dragging the rope, whether it is synthetic or steel, make sure you have taken all precautions so that you can keep protected and safe.

Final Thought

A winch will help you to drag or rescue your car from any bad situation where your vehicle remains motionless, not only that you can also retrieve your friend who is also in the same condition. Therefore, you need nothing but a jeep winch, which can get you rid of the tough situation. Even before you start rescuing your car or the friend’s car, make sure you are adequately equipped so that there is no chance of injury to you.

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