How Wheel Balancing and Alignment Checks Improve Your Ride

At Tires to You, we’re serious about wanting to help Texans drive safely and comfortably – which means helping you keep your tires in great shape. Well-maintained tires will last longer, saving you money, as well as giving you a more reliable ride with better handling. So we strongly suggest getting regular wheel balancing and alignment checks, at least once a year, to ensure your wheels are in good shape.

Why Wheel Balancing and Alignment Services Are So Important


Wheel balancing and alignment are two separate processes that both contribute to the health of your tires.

1. Wheel Balancing

Balancing is exactly what it sounds like. For your tires to spin smoothly, they should be perfectly balanced all around. Otherwise, if they’re off balance, they’ll spin irregularly – like a clothes dryer where all the clothes ended up on one side. This causes the tires to wear down much more quickly, as well as harming your handling. Badly balanced tires can also send vibrations throughout the car, making the ride uncomfortable and potentially damaging other components like your suspension system.

But what do balancing and alignment mean off the yoga mat? Both contribute to a smoother ride, but tire balancing and alignment are different services. A tire balance corrects the weight imbalance on your tire and wheel assemblies, while an alignment corrects the angles of the tires so that they come into contact with the road in just the right way.

The best type of wheel balancing is road force balancing. This uses a spinner and pressure to simulate the speed and heat of your tires when they’re actually running at 60MPH on the road. This allows for the most accurate real-world balancing, and the smoothest possible ride.

2. Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignment services are focused on ensuring your wheels are pointed in the right direction. Ideally, your wheels should be set perfectly upright, exactly parallel to the opposite tire on the axle, and perpendicular to the road.

Even small deviations from proper alignment can cause handling issues, or send vibrations through the car. As with poor balancing, this will cause the tires to wear down unevenly, and increase the chances of damage or blowout. Plus poorly-aligned tires also put more strain on your engine, driving up your fuel costs.

A great wheel store in Texas can quickly verify your wheels’ alignment. Some shops even offer free tire inspections that will check the alignment for free!

Texans Choose Tires To You

We’re the fastest-growing wheel store in Texas, and that’s because we go above and beyond for our customers! We offer numerous free services, including free tire rotations and free tire inspections, and also make other services affordable for everyone. With Tires To You wheel balancing and alignment, you’ll be able to drive comfortably on tires which last much longer thanks to good maintenance.

From our extensive selection of new & used wheels and tires, to our excellent service shop, there’s plenty of reasons to visit Tires To You next time you need wheel services. Click here to find your nearest location!

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