Your Guide to Purchasing Custom Indoor Car Covers

Car Covers need to be chosen with great caution and care. One should be aware of the factors and usability before choosing one. Whether you decide to get an outdoor version or a custom indoor vehicle cover, you need to know how you are going to use them and then reference the rating charts to get the right one for your vehicle.

Kind of usage

What type of custom indoor car cover you select depend on how often you use your car and the kind of garage environment you have!

  1.    Lightweight indoor car cover- quick on and quick off

Drivers who take their four-wheelers out very often and cover and uncover very frequently, opt for a lightweight indoor vehicle cover. This one can easily be removed, folded and stored and then again put back. Custom versions are light enough for daily usage effortlessly.

  1.    Heavy indoor car covers- real dent stoppers

If your garage is the thruway for your pets as well as children, then you need a thicker cover to avoid the thumps and bumps. Or if you are planning to keep your car stored for a long period of time or just use it on weekends and holidays, then getting a heavy duty model will serve the right level of protection to your vehicle.


One more thing that you need to consider before purchasing is the brand of your vehicle. If you own a Chevy be sure to take a Chevrolet indoor car cover.

  1.    Breathability: A breathable indoor cover will pass away the head and condensation which gets trapped in between the fabric and body. The cover allows the air to flow easily in and out of the fabrics.
  2.    Blocking of dust: As the dust settles on your car’s paint, it becomes abrasive and leads to small scratches. And by the time you notice it, you may get late. An indoor cover keeps dust and debris away from the surface of your vehicle and makes the paint look great. Get a special custom version for a perfect fit and keep the gritty dust away.
  3.    Done with pampering: Putting a nice, soft, breathable and non-abrasive layer on your car’s body is very important. The best fabrics include a silky paint pampering lining. This helps the cover to sit cosily on the vehicle and protect the paint job from any kind of bump, dent or scratch.
  4.    Make it rot-resistant: If sudden moisture is expelled and it is allowed to collect on the exterior of the cover, mildew may form, and your cover may rot. Thus, a lot of indoor fabrics are well-treated with procedures to minimize the production of mildew. Car covers prevent water and moisture from harming the body and also avoid getting self-decayed for years.

So, if you are looking for the perfect safety and longevity of your four-wheeler, then you need to get the right car cover, for the best results and higher security, check out some of the custom models.

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