Car Paint Protection Film – 2024 Guide

Car paint protection film is a transparent layer of paint that is made from URETHANE – which is a versatile polymer. Paint protection film (PPF) is applied over the painted areas of a new or used vehicle to shield the paint from road dirt and debris including bug splatters, minor abrasions, and flying stone chips. Hiring AutoBOSS can make your job easy.

While the major function clear bra is used for is protection from scratches, the product is even more versatile than it appears to be. Just imagine you driving your car and there is a really large but slim fit balloon.

Here are some things that will happen:

  • Reduced Impact of debris
  • Dirt protection
  • Protection from rust

Why You Should Hire a Professional PPF Company

Usually, some people would prefer to DIY applying paint protection films on their cars. While car protection films may seem easy to apply, there is more to placing them on. Car bra shops go through the pain of creating the ultimately smooth paint film for your car. Here are the reasons you should use a professional car protection film company especially if you can’t DIY it perfectly:

Here are the top benefits of hiring a company:

1. Make Your Vehicle New, Shiny, and Sparkly


It is every car owner’s desire to have the same outlook on the vehicle they purchased even two years after the purchase. PPFs bring this near-impossible wish to reality by providing a permanent protective shield over your car paint. This quality that PPFs will keep your car glossier and newer than other vehicles without it.

2. Helps To Keep Your Car’s Resale Value

Used car buyers are known for one major thing: they always want to buy cars that look good even before checking out the inner parts. The tiniest dent and the smallest scratches can discourage a prospect from buying your vehicle. The more the dents, the lower the value of your car. Auto paint protection with the right professional is one proven way to retain your car’s resale value. A sleeker and shinier exterior is the first step in convincing any buyer that you’re selling a healthy car. Plus, PPFs help you save that extra cash that you’d have spent on repainting.

3. Easier to Clean


As I mentioned earlier, PPF reduces the buildup of grime, dust, and debris on the exterior of your car. There is a popular belief that adding a film on the exterior of your car would make it harder to clean. PPF does just the opposite.

It helps you retain the quality of your car paint even when you take it to a car wash. Car washes sometimes use sharp and harsh cleaners to wash the grime off cars. But if you have PPF, you’ll have less trouble with all that. Your car cleans in a shorter time with the softest cleaning agent.

This low-maintenance feature allows you to DIY washing your car as you would only need a soft cloth to mop the exterior of your vehicle.

4. Invincible All-Round Protection for Your Car

PPF has a high-resistance rate against abrasion ad scratch. It protects your vehicle from acid rain, salty air, and rock chips. This feature is perfect if you want to keep your car’s appearance for longer. Now, just wonder how much rust you will be saved from if you’re driving in seaside Florida and its very salty air. The PPF’s flexibility is also of great advantage as it can easily return to its original state even after disfigured or stretched. By applying sunlight or heat gun to minor scratches, you can easily unlock the self-healing capacity of PPFs. This cool feature is because of PPF’s top layer which is an elastomeric polymer.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?


PPF is popular for its dogged durability and long-lasting quality. If you install your PPF professionally, it would last from 5 to 10 years.

Surface Prep in PPF Procedure

Preparing our vehicle’s exterior is important in getting the required result. How ready your exterior is will determine how well the paint will appear on it. Surface prep can be time-consuming as all contamination on the paints must be eliminated before installing the PPF.

The main activity of applying PPF is as delicate as it gets. A slight crease or bubble can botch the entire layer of film.


While DIY may be great, it is not so applicable when you are to apply PPF to your car’s exterior. Since you may want to take on the challenge, I advise that you skip the stress and possible errors that will mitigate the quality of the result, by allowing professionals do their jobs. .

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