Top 7 Customisation Tips for the Best Off-Roading Experience

Off-roading is definitely an exhilarating experience. However, you need to prepare your vehicle properly before taking it out for a spin, so that it can conquer any obstacle in the great outdoors.

Luckily, off-roading is a popular hobby and there are plenty of enthusiasts you can turn to for support. It’s also easy to find parts just in case you need to replace or repair certain parts. This shop is a good example, where you can purchase parts for classic models like the Jeep Wrangler.

That said, here are some vehicle customisation tips for the ultimate off-roading experience:

Upgrade the Tyres, Wheels, and Brakes


More often than not, SUV manufacturers put street tyres on their vehicles. The materials on these tyres are softer and the treads are also a little shallower, which create a comfortable, quiet driving experience. In short, they aren’t built for the punishment of the rugged terrain.

To make your vehicle off-road worthy, you need to invest in off-road tyres made from stronger materials that don’t get punctured or cut easily. The deeper treads on these aftermarket upgrades will also provide you with more traction, so your off-roading rig won’t fall victim to wet, muddy trails. If you can fit them on your truck, get tyres that are a little bigger than stock for better performance.

While you’re at it, consider upgrading your wheels as well. Steel wheels, in particular, are stronger than the usual alloys and can take the abuse of even the roughest roads. Finally, don’t forget to upgrade your brake rotors and pads. You can purchase all jeep parts from at a reasonable price. You’re going to need a little more stopping power when you’re driving over obstacles.

Get a Lift or Leveling Kit

If you’re planning on installing even larger wheels and tyres on your vehicle, it’s best to install a lift kit to increase ground clearance. The added height will help you manoeuvre easily over the roughest trails, as well as help you carry heavy loads like your camping gear.

For those who aren’t planning on bringing a lot of cargo or don’t want too much of a lift, a leveling kit will serve your purpose well. A leveling kit can also give you a bit of extra height without affecting the original driving quality of your vehicle.

The bottomline is that the extra ground clearance provided by a lift or levelling kit can help protect your car’s suspension from bumps and scrapes that you’re sure to get when off-roading.

Boost Your Shocks


The stock shocks installed in most vehicles are designed for driving on paved roads. If you bring them to the rough trails with all their pits and bumps, they won’t perform well at all. One unpleasant scenario is the overheating of the shock absorber oils, which can result in poor traction and damping.

If you’ve already upgraded your tyres, then you’re definitely going to need new shocks. This way, your vehicle’s handling won’t suffer and you’ll be in better control when the driving gets rough.

Off-road-ready shocks are larger than street shocks, with better heat dissipation capabilities. There are also shocks with velocity-sensitive valving, which helps your vehicle adapt to road conditions. You can even find remote-reservoir shocks that don’t heat up as fast. Many long-time off-roaders prefer nitrogen-charged shocks for their rigs, which have better rebound characteristics and give your tyres more grip.

Going Wet and Wild? Add a Snorkel

If your idea of off-roading involves going across streams and rivers, a snorkel is a must-have upgrade. This accessory redirects the fumes to the front and top instead of the back and bottom of the vehicle, so that water doesn’t get into the exhaust. As a result, you can be more confident that your rig won’t stall when it gets a bit submerged.

Beef Up the Front Bumper


The off-road trails are unpredictable and sometimes, there’s no better way to get past obstacles than driving through them. Your bigger tyres will certainly be helpful in this situation, but what’s even better is if you have a beefy front bumper to help you clear the path.

An off-road-ready bumper deflects debris like rocks and can even break through things like stray branches. As a result, your vehicle’s front-end will be well-protected from damage. Front bumpers also protect you and your passengers just in case you get caught in an accident.

Let Your Rig Breathe

To successfully dominate the off-road terrains, your vehicle needs more power. You can achieve these gains by installing a new intake system, a better exhaust system, or both.

An off-road-ready air intake feeds more and cleaner air to your engine, so that it can burn fuel more efficiently. This will result in better overall performance. Moreover, the high-performance air filters in aftermarket intakes keep contaminants and debris away from the combustion chambers. This helps prevent premature damage.

Meanwhile, a high-flow exhaust system reduces backpressure and turbulence to give your vehicle more power and torque. Coupled with the improved combustion provided by the new intake system, you’ll get more mileage along with the performance boost.

Install a Tow Hook and Hitch


Whether you like it or not, accidents can and will happen. This is true whether you’re on the road or out in the trails. The problem with the latter is that you might not be able to find some help immediately. Thus, it’s best to be prepared for any scenario before you head out.

A simple upgrade that can help save your vehicle from sticky situations is a tow hook and hitch. These can be mounted to either the front or rear of your vehicle, so that you can be pulled out when you get stuck in the mud or a ditch. It’s also a good idea to invest in a winch with a heavy-duty cable for easier vehicle recovery.

Some other upgrades you might want to consider beside roof racks for more storage and skid plates for undercarriage protection include and new wiendshild. For the best ones visit this website. Mud flaps are also a good idea to prevent debris from getting into the wheel wells. You could also install heavy-duty lights to illuminate the path properly in case you’re driving in the dark or get caught in low-visibility situations. Lastly, a good emergency tool kit and first-aid supplies are definite must-haves for any off-road adventure.

With ample preparation using these upgrades, you’re sure to have a safe and enjoyable adventure out on the off-road trails. Drive on!

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