8 Things You Should Have In The Car At All Times

The car industry is evolving rapidly, with new safety features, a lot of new equipment, and improved specs. The mechanics are also following these improvements so they can stay in touch with the advancements and be able to fix potential issues. Digital technology is the most important today when it comes to the production and development of new vehicles.

Therefore, we have a lot of innovations present in modern vehicles, like sensors, cameras, automation, and much more. Going to the mechanics is also quite different today since they are also relying on digital technologies when trying to locate and resolve the issues with your car. The most common device they are using is diagnostic tools. You can click here to learn more about this device.

Moreover, even though there are lots of additional equipment and safety features available in modern vehicles, there are still some essentials that you should carry in the car all the time. Here are the most important things to always keep in your vehicle.

1. Documentation

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Most drivers are already aware of this since the law is present for a long time. You must have these documents, and if the police patrol stops you while driving without them, you will receive a penalty. Therefore, always keep them in the drawer along with your driver’s license so you can avoid issues and save time after getting stopped by the road police. Besides the official documents, it is good to carry the manual and emergency contact number as well in case that you face some problems on the road.

2. Spare Tire and Tools

It is always a good thing to learn more about mechanics and car repair. For example, changing a flat tire is not complicated at all, but it requires certain tools. The main issue would be to get a flat tire on the road without any service nearby. You will need to call the road service to get your vehicle, which can cost a lot. On the other side, having a spare tire, tire jack, and a wrench will save you from such inconvenience. When it comes to other tools like screwdrivers, pliers and more can help even if you don’t have any knowledge in mechanics since there could be always someone nearby who can help.

3. Jumper Cables

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It is quite simple to use these cables and start the engine in case that your battery got broken. It can save you from a lot of problems, especially when you are on some road without any mechanic store in the range. You can ask any nearby passenger to stop the car for a couple of minutes and connect the batteries with these cables. Even if you are not sure how to use it, the internet is full of videos that can help. Also, this tool is quite cheap, and you can find it for under $20. It does not take much space in the trunk as well.

4. Phone Charger

This is especially useful when you are going on a longer trip. There is a wide selection of car chargers today, and you can find them for under $10. It will help you to keep your phone full all the time. This is quite convenient considering that most people are using their phones to play music and navigation. There are models that can charge more devices at once available as well.

5. First Aid Kit

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It is essential to have this in your trunk. In many countries, there is a law where first aid must be part of standard equipment in your car, along with spare tires, yellow west, and red triangle. The items in the first aid kit are bandages, scissors, gloves, and antiseptic. It can help people after an accident before the ambulance vehicle arrives. Besides these products, a lot of countries require you to have a fire extinguisher as well.

6. Wheel Chocks

If you are living in an area with lots of uphills and downhills, it is a great option to keep wheel chocks in your trunk. Even though cars have automatic brakes, there is always a chance for malfunction. Also, you might forget to activate the brake before leaving the vehicle on a slight downhill, and adding this protection can save you from incidents.

7. Tire Pump and Pressure Gauge

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It is common for tires to lose some pressure over time. The lower pressure can affect the stability and performance of the vehicle, and it will consume more gas. Therefore, if you notice that your tires are having a lower pressure, you can use a pressure gauge to check that. The recommended pressure is between 30 and 35 psi. With these tools, you can be sure to always keep the required levels of pressure, which will help you to save money and avoid additional issues. The tires will last longer as well.

8. Seatbelt Cutter and Hammer

Unfortunately, there is over 6 million car accident per year only in the United States. Some of them end with fatal results, or people get seriously injured. Having a seatbelt cutter and hammer might save your life in case that you get rolled over with your car, or end up underwater. In those situations, it can be difficult to open the seatbelt and open the door. The best way is to keep these items in some place where it will be easy for you to reach them during an emergency.

The Bottom Line

There are many other options that you should have in your vehicle according to the place where you are driving. For example, if you are driving during the winter, it is always recommended to have a bottle of antifreeze, along with the winter kit that contains a blanket, ice scraper, and a shovel. Also, it is a good idea to bring some supplies if you are heading on a longer trip. We recommend canned food that can last for a longer time. Besides that, it is good to have a lighter, flashlight, duct tape, water, napkins, and a spare key.

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