9 Questions to Ask Your Windshield Repair Technician

Windshield damage is not something new and drivers all around the globe continue to experience this problem. It is caused by various things such as extreme weather conditions, tiny stones or pebbles hitting the glass and other kicked up debris which can come flying towards your windscreen whilst driving.

When your vehicle experiences such damage you will need to get it fixed. And while many mechanics may offer this auto glass repair service there are also specialized service providers who focus entirely on this issue. If you want more information about windshield safety and maintenance please visit this site.

When you take your car to a repair shop or request a mobile windscreen repair technician to come to you, it’s crucial that you understand their process and service. By asking the questions below it will help you in getting a quality service and can also ensure you don’t get ripped off.

What Are The Legal Requirements For Windscreen Glass Damage?

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Every country, state, and territory has different laws around what damage can exist on your car’s windscreen before it is classified as illegal to drive. Usually, any significant cracks or damage which affects the driver’s line of sight is classified as illegal to drive. This is due to safety reasons.

By asking your proposed auto glass repair technician this question you can test to see how knowledgeable they are in this field. Also, you may just find out that your car is actually illegal to drive and as such, you run the risk of getting a fine if you continue to drive it.

Do They Provide A Mobile Repair Service?

To make it more convenient for customers, many windscreen experts such as Metro Auto Glass have mobile repair services. This is especially useful when your current damage makes your car illegal to drive.

Choosing a mobile repair service adds to your convenience and even if your car’s damage is not yet illegal, driving with a damaged windscreen is still dangerous and the vibrations of driving can make the damage worse. For this reason, we always recommend a service provider that comes to you as opposed to one you have to drive to.

Is My Damage Repairable or Is Replacement The Only Option?

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Ask your windscreen repair technician if your damage can be repaired. Not only repairs always a cheaper option than a full windscreen replacement, but repair is often quicker too. Remember if you don’t ask this question you may only get the option to replace, but this simple question could save you both time and money.

How is the Repair or Replacement Done?

It helps to understand what your car will go through and how it affects the windscreen. For example, will this repair or replacement service reduce the life expectancy of your windshield? Will it affect you as the driver? Will it affect your rain-sensing wipers or other technology that is in your car?

Get to know not only the process that will be used but also the technology involved and the materials used.

How Much Time is Needed to Fix Your Windshield?

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Knowing when the technician is available and how long the repair will take is essential for you in planning your daily routine. Based on whether your car’s windshield needs a repair or replacement service you need to know how long each of these processes will take.

Also is the technician available today, tomorrow, next week or next month? Obviously you want to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Can You Drive Immediately After The Repair?

This is another question that many people forget to ask. Just because the technician has completed his work does not always mean you can drive the car straight away. Often the glue or resealing process needs time to set but this is all dependent on the process that is involved and the materials used.

Do They Offer Genuine & After-Market Glass?

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You may not be aware but often the pricing differences between genuine parts and after-market or generic can be quite significant. Sometimes the differences can be hundreds or thousands of dollars apart. But even with the large differences in prices, the glasses are usually built to the same manufacturing standards. If you are not bothered about genuine parts, this simple question can save you lots of cash.

Do They Price Match?

In business, not all companies offer this pricing option, but if they do then why not take advantage of it? These simple questions can again put more money in your pocket by shopping around.

Do They Give a Warranty?

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After you have asked about costs, timeframes and other quality measures ensure you ask about warranties. All reliable repairers will provide some sort of warranty on their services and the materials they use.

It is at this time that it can be worth paying a little bit extra in the upfront cost to get a longer warranty period. No point having your car repaired today only to be needing a new repair done next week or month from bad workmanship that was not covered by warranty.

Bonus Tip

When doing any research for a new service provider ensure you look at recent reviews from previous customers. These insights can often help you weed out the good guys from the ones you need to steer clear of. For all info you need visit scottsdalewindshields.com

Choose Wisely

By doing some simple research you can ensure that you will get your car repaired by the best available repairer. Not only that but you will be more across the processes, the material used and what is involved. This will help you identify which company is legitimate in their offerings and who is just out there to rip you off.

Since repairing a windscreen is something that can be done the same day, you should find someone who is available now. Also, make sure to choose someone who comes to you. A quick search in your local area will reveal some options. But just make sure to choose a reliable company that has plenty of 5-star reviews. After some research, you should find a convenient and cost-effective solution.

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