Interesting Features Of The Hyundai Sonata Rochester NY

Hyundai Sonata has been known for having a forward-looking exterior, and it looks like the company isn’t going to slow down in this department anytime yet with its latest offering.

If you’re planning to get an SUV in Rochester, NY, but still trying to figure out if it’s the right choice over the ever-reliable sedan type, head on to for a selection of used Hyundai Sonata vehicles that you could check out.

Important Overall Upgrades on Hyundai Sonata

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According to Hyundai, this 8th generation vehicle is created on the all-new third-generation platform. This made it one inch lower and 1.4 inches longer wheelbase, which provides for an improved stance.

One of the first things that’s noticeable in this all-new 2024 Hyundai Sonata is that it looks sportier than the previous versions. Hyundai has designed this vehicle’s exterior for it to look sensuously sporty. This is perhaps because a lot of people have been shifting to SUVs nowadays.

One thing about this new Sonata’s front design is that it doesn’t have a fog lamp. Instead, it has an LED DRL (daytime running lamp). The center gravity of the vehicle has also been lowered. While the new steering geometry offers greater rigidity, which improves steering feel.

Some other notable changes for this vehicle are the following:

  • Improved fuel efficiency (33 miles per gallon compared to last year’s 29 miles)
  • Improved variable valve technology and airflow
  • Upgraded 1.6-liter turbo makes 180HP and torque of 195 pound-feet
  • Peak torque can be reached at 1500rpm, which provides superb throttle response
  • Improved engine heat management
  • Has variable valve timing and duration – a first of its kind in engine technology

Interesting Features of the 2024 Hyundai Sonata

Some of its key features that make you want to try this vehicle out are the following:

Improved General Features

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Some of the key exterior components of the car are lowered, such as the roofline and the shock tower. The wheelbase is also extended while shortening the overhangs, which resulted in a more sleek and stylish-looking sedan.

The base engine of the Sonata is a 2.5-liter direct-injected 4-cylinder, with 191HP and torque of 181 pound-feet.

Despite the numerous upgrades and added features, this vehicle’s weight was even reduced by 127 lbs., and it also became around 10% stiffer than the previous version. The passenger safety was also taken into consideration by having a new chassis, which improved the impact management in times of crashes.

Illuminated Chrome Hood Trim

Hyundai has turned its once a so-so design into a sleek and stylish feature. This is by applying a continuous chrome strip that flows around the window and into the headlights. This is backlighted by bright daytime running lamps.

So, when switched off, it just looks like an ordinary chrome strip, but when you switch on the light, expect it to illuminate further as it gets nearer to the headlights. The bottom part of the headlight serves as a turn signal, which is pretty cool. Also, the housing of the headlamp looks strikingly similar to a Hyundai Tucson.

The same goes for its tail light, which wraps around the rear end of the vehicle. The overall detail surfacing of the Hyundai Sonata gives it a superior look.

The Use of Phone Instead of Key

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With the new Hyundai Sonata, an app can grant the owner, either temporarily or permanently and partially or 100%, access to control the vehicle. These include locking, unlocking, trunk access, and driving.

The digital key can also be shared with three of your family members or friends. However, there’s a small let-down on this. It’s only available for Android as of the moment. iPhone users can wait a little longer before it becomes available for them.

Remote-Controlled Parking

This feature has been exclusive only to luxury vehicles since it was launched in 2016. However, the Hyundai Sonata has finally offered a similar feature wherein you can pull your car in and out of tight parking spaces through the use of key fob without actually sitting in the car. It’s called the ‘advanced smart park assist.’

This means that if someone suddenly steps in front of the car while you maneuver it out through the key fob, it’ll automatically stop. So, it’s definitely safe for both you and the other person.

Overload of Safety Features

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If you’re thrilled by sophisticated features that you can only usually get to see from luxury brands, then rejoice since the newest Sonata has three radar sensors, 13 ultrasonic sensors, and five cameras.

Not only that, it boasts of a lot of safety features, such as the following:

  • 360-degree overhead view when maneuvering
  • Upgraded the blind-spot-monitoring feature by incorporating the gauge cluster into the display system
  • Forward-collision avoidance resistance
  • Lane-following assist
  • Led exterior lighting
  • Smart cruise control
  • Warning feature for approaching vehicles when a door is opened

In fact, the 2019 Hyundai Sonata was picked as second for the midsize car category for the Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Improved Dashboard

If you think Hyundai has made spectacular changes into this car’s exterior, wait until you see the interior. The upgrades are very obvious in every part of the vehicle.

You’ll find that the center screen of the new Sonata is larger – 10.3 inches with a split-screen function. The digital gauge cluster is also bigger (12.3 inches).

These screen-based gauges have customization features wherein you can choose whatever information you want to be displayed.

Button Type Gear Selector

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This is also the first time a button type gear selector is featured in a Sonata, which is pretty straightforward to use. You just press the necessary button, and you’re all good.

The button selections are composed of:

  • Parking on the left
  • Neutral in the middle
  • Reverse on the top
  • Drive on the bottom

Also, you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button when driving. Nothing will happen as the car knows what’s going on.

Quicker Wireless Phone Charging

The wireless charging feature of Sonata has gotten better. With the latest model, Hyundai has enabled the charging pad to circulate air, which reduces heat, thus, improving its charging power by up to 10 watts. This is two times the charging rate of the previous model of Sonata.

Parting Words

This latest offering of Hyundai Sonata is a fairly good model for someone who wants the convenience of a sedan and the sporty appearance of an SUV. However, it leans more towards being a feminine sedan because it’s not the powerful type that men prefer.

But, if you just want straight driving without much fanfare, this is a pretty solid choice. With features that almost look like they came out of a sci-fi movie, driving becomes an adventure in itself.

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