Chip tuning Tools – ECU programming tool for professionals

There are many programming tools available on the market for car chip tuning. Professionals from the growing industry providing such services are looking for chip tuning tools that will meet their expectations and specific needs.

Chip tuning is one of the most popular methods of engine tuning. This is due to the fact that it is safer than mechanical tuning, and it is more cost-effective and relatively inexpensive. It also allows to perform tuning precisely tailored to the vehicle model and engine type. There are numerous variables affecting the software – the same engine but with other ECUs will require different specifications. We have reviewed the most popular chip tuning programs.

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AlienTech is an Italian brand which produces devices and programs for modifying ECU controllers. It offers two popular interfaces for ECU programming: K-TAG and KESSv2. 

K-TAG is an innovative ECU programming interface that allows you to read and save controller map files using the OBDII system. This tool is additionally equipped with EEPROM memory, allowing an unlimited number of memory readings.

KESSv3 is one of the most modern interfaces for ECU programming through the OBD interface, which supports passenger cars, as well as trucks, vans and buses.

AlienTech also produces ECM Titanium tuning software, which can be used to precisely interpret modified ECU files. The software is a comprehensive tool that does not need additional files or information because they are included in it.

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CMD Flash 

CMD Flash is a program of BDM, EOBD K-LINE, EOBD CAN-BUS, and PWM EOBD. It supports all of the new generation ECUs. The BDM function it has allows it to connect to the ECU via internal pins.

There are two CMD Flesh devices on the market: Slaves and Masters. 


Autotuner is an extremely universal and intuitive tool that allows reading information from most ECUs through the Boot Tricore slot or the OBD connector. Autotuner can read and save over 3,500 cars, and compatible models are displayed in the form of a list. Selecting the appropriate controllers is extremely simple.


Bflash is an advanced ECU programming tool which reads and saves over 400 different ECU types. It is an extremely universal tool that suits many different combinations of car and engine models.

Rely on experienced professionals

In this business, sometimes there are emergency situations requiring professional knowledge and tools. That is why it is worth using the services of a company which has extensive experience in working with various technologies and tools for chip tuning. This will help you select the most optimal tools and improve the quality and efficiency of your work. 

Such services are provided by TC Performance – a company that has tested practically every software available on the market so that it can give you the best advice and provide customized chip tuning files even in the most demanding situations. 

TC Performance focuses on providing high-quality customer service, so just register at to get a quick response to any questions you may have. 

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