Benefits of Buy an Extended Warranty on a Used Car

In recent years, the trend of buying used cars has picked up its pace quite a lot. With more and more people understanding the benefits of buying second-hand automobiles, the tides of the automobile market have turned quite so much. Now, with the ease of the used car market, people are able to afford their dream cars or expensive luxury car brands on a budget. In simple terms used cars have bridged the gap between luxury, class, and utter comfort.

But there is something you would need to look out for in case you plan on getting a used car, one of them being an extended car warranty. It is always a good idea to keep your vehicle covered, especially because in situations of unexpected repair work or servicing, warranties help you save a lot of money.

But why is it better to get an extended warranty rather than the generic manufacturer-made one, right? In order to answer your question, let’s a brief about extended warranties and why your car would be better with one too.

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What Are Extended Warranties?

An extended warranty or a third-person warranty is similar to a car’s general warranty. The difference is that this warranty covers a lot more things than an average manufacturer warranty. An extended one gives you more payment plans that are far more affordable in comparison to manufacturer warranties, extended warranties have a longer expiry period, they’re much more flexible with their terms and conditions and there is a lot of money saved through it’s warranty.

It’s also give you peace of mind knowing that your car is covered as even a small car work piles up rather quickly, especially if you have a luxury car. So, if you plan on getting a used car or keeping a car on a long-term basis, it would be beneficial for you to get an extended warranty. To clear, why extended warranties are better suited for used cars, here are some of the benefits you get out of an extended one.

Benefits Of Buying An Extended Warranty On A Used Car

One of the biggest reasons why extended warranties are a must for used cars is that they’re cheaper than having to pay for every single repair cost, which when added up over the years can be a lot. Apart from that, here are a couple more reasons why buying an extended warranty for a used car is beneficial.

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Cost Savings

While you might think that buying an extended warranty for your car is an unnecessary expense, in reality, oftentimes, buying an extended one saves you a lot of money. Especially in cases of used luxury cars like used Mercedes Benz or BMWs, buying an extended warranty is better. The reason being that most of the time, these cars demand hefty pars replacement that costs thousands of rupees, the same price as an extended warranty.

So, investing that kind of money in this warranty is a better deal than spending money on every car part. And you would require heavy maintenance because cars deteriorate over time, even the sturdiest ones, and they deteriorate faster with used cars as the car has already been running when you bought it. So this warranty gives you that cover that saves you a lot of money.

Safety Blanket

It is always better to be covered by the company than to have to pay for unexpected costs yourselves. Once your factory warranty expires, it gets difficult to keep up with the repair work costs like parts replacements, regular servicing, and not to mention if you bump the car somewhere. Hence, having an extended warranty will give you peace of mind that your car is covered and you won’t be completely stranded if something happens.

Flexibility Of Options

Unlike a manufacturer warranty that is often quite rigid with its terms like you can only take the car to a particular servicing shop, and things like that, extended warranties give you a lot more room for flexibility. Like with an extended warranty you get to have a bigger umbrella coverage of services and options given to you. It’s warranties are functional in most of the servicing repair shops. This means you get to have more options to use the resources given to you.

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Increased Resale Value

One of the lesser talked about perks of extended warranties is the fact that they can be transferred for a small fee. So, in case you plan on reselling your car, you can hike up the price because you’re adding an it warranty with the car. At the same time, you’re selling the car with a lot of protection coverage to the new owner that they will be liable to pay for. So, not only can you enjoy the perks but you can also sell them for some money.

Understated Benefits

While in the short run you might feel like you’ve paid a lot for just a warranty, if you look at the bigger picture, you would realize you’re actually saving a lot of money in the long run by purchasing an extended warranty.

Towing, rental car reimbursement, trip protection are only some of the benefits you get with an extended warranty. Most of the time with it’s warranties you get 24×7 roadside assistance. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a mechanic in an event of a mechanical breakdown. Not to forget, it’s warranties give you a lot more affordable payment plans.

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When Should You Get An Extended Warranty?

It’s warranties work best if you plan on keeping the car for a long time. Especially with used cars, or second-hand cars, you’re never completely sure what could go wrong, because they’re not new. Hence, the chances of repair work needed, or more maintenance is higher with used cars.

In such cases, it’s warranties are always better because instead of investing so much money on every repair work. You can simply buy an extended warranty that covers everything along with the other benefits you get out of it.

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