5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining your Car’s Bodywork

Taking care of things in life comes in many different ways. Depending on what it is and how much value it has, there are numerous types of care and maintenance that can not only prolong the life of items and possessions, but also prevent the need for repairs. As a working adult and your own person, there are many worries in life to focus on. There is so much that takes away time during any given day. One such aspect of life is your personal vehicle. Many people believe that maintaining a car is a never-ending cycle of spending money without getting much out of it, but it is not true. Car maintenance is crucial, especially the bodywork. In the following lines we talk tips and tricks for maintaining the bodywork of your car the right way. If you need some professional help at any point, particularly in Massachusetts, check out body shop Arlington MA.

1. Cleaning and Washing

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First and foremost, the most common sort of maintenance should always be the good-old rubdown. You cannot begin to maintain anything related to your car, let alone the entire bodywork that is actually the part that is exposed to the elements the most, without washing and cleaning. Regular trips to the self-service car washes should do the trick, with an occasional car detailing done too.

2. Know When to Wash

Here is a quick follow up to the washing tip. There is actually the right time to wash your car, as it is definitely not something you can do just about any time. Wait for the car to cool down after a drive. Also, do not do it in the hottest of temperatures, midday in midsummer. Heat reduces the effectiveness of the chemicals you use to wash the car and there will be visible streaks on the body. You can even damage the bodywork if you do it too hard and too often.

3. Washing Technique

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It all seems to be about washing, right? Well yeah, obviously. It is the exterior part of the vehicle after all. There is the right way to wash the car properly, and it includes washing by hand at least once a week. That is, if you want to preserve the clean and neat look of the body at all times. Use the right cleaning products, a sponge, a brush, and a cloth. No amount of car washes and car detailing can give you the same peace of mind as a personal, hands-on wash.

4. Waxing

Waxing the car once a year will help keep the bodywork in great condition. It will remain shiny, it will be more resistant to dirt and the elements, and the coat will keep the body healthier for longer. Minor scratches and dents are also covered, which protects against rust and paint chips. All it takes is 30 minutes really. Do it once or twice a year and the results will be phenomenal.

5. Rust-Proofing

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Last but not least, you should think about a rust-proof procedure especially if you live in a humid area or neat the sea. The salt and grit from the roads is also enough to cause extreme rust. If left unchecked and untreated, it builds up and spreads, first through the nooks and crannies and then everywhere else. Applying rust-proof agents on the car, both the under chassis and wherever rust can appear on the bodywork is perfect for proper and longtime maintenance.

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