4 Reasons Why Buying UTE is a Great Decision

A UTE is an abbreviation for the word “utility” or “coupé utility,” both of which have been used predominantly in Australia and New Zealand to describe such vehicles that have a tonneau behind the passenger compartment. These unique vehicles can be driven with a regular driver’s license and require no additional training like some trucks do.

Through History

Traditionally, this term was used to describe vehicles that have the cargo tray integrated with the passenger chassis body. However, nowadays, a ute in Australia and New Zealand has expanded and includes any vehicle that has an open cargo area in the back. In other countries, especially America, these are most often called pickup trucks, although real pickup trucks tend to be much bigger.

The Australian ute was allegedly first invented by Ford back in 1934. However, it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when the first such vehicle was made. Similar things have been produced in the USA in the 1920s. The creation of dependable Australian designed utes stopped in 2017 when the local production of Holden Commodore stopped operating, but most other car manufacturers are still making them.


Utes are some of the most versatile vehicles that anyone can use for almost any purpose. There are thousands of businesses that greatly depend on this type of car. On the other hand, many couples own one and love to drive it for grocery shopping. Their use has been increasing, especially in Australia. In Perth, almost all big companies have ute dealerships and there are dozens of amazing models to choose from. In this article, we will tell why buying and owning a ute vehicle is a brilliant idea. Read on to find out!

1. Great Family Car

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First of all, and perhaps the most important thing to a lot of people when they are buying a new vehicle, is that it can be an amazing family car. What do families want? They want a car that drives smoothly and has enough space for them to fit all of their luggage when they go on a trip.

Utes provide both in the best manner possible. They offer so much space that people even use it for business purposes and hauling, but it remains accepted as a genuine family car all around Australia. It can fit more passengers than a traditional sedan or coupe car. For those who enjoy sunlight and wind in their hair, you can always take off its canopy and enjoy a roofless drive! Because of these refreshing qualities, utes are among the most preferred family vehicles. For more information, visit hsputelids.com.

2. Slow Depreciation

This car does not give up easily, and because of its usability, it depreciates and loses value very slowly. Even after years of moderate to heavy use, you will get an excellent price when you decide to sell your dear old ute.

That makes it even more attractive for the middle class who upgrade their vehicles every few years. One of the main reasons for such a high resale value is its long life and robust build. Therefore, even if you do not want to sell it, you will feel safe knowing that your kids could one day grow up and use it themselves if they like and create their memories in it.

Since many new and upgraded ute models are released every year, you will probably feel like upgrading to a more original version of yourself. When that eventually happens, you can rest assured that you will not lose a ton of money by selling an old car to get a new one.

3. Safe to Drive

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Most expensive cars offer luxury, but in the process, they forget about one essential thing, which is safety. Small vehicles, however good they are, focus most on the safety of the driver in case there is an accident.

But what about the other passengers? The ANCAP safety testing gave them a five-star rating for its safety features. The newer models are more secure, robust, and durable to withstand accidents without hurting any of the passengers. In most utes, the driver’s seat is installed higher so he can see the road more clearly.

Moreover, there are also modern features like advanced collision warnings, reversing cameras, and GPS navigation. Other driving assistance, warning systems, and safety measures are also being integrated into every new generation of utes.

4. Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Lastly, we have to mention the one thing these cool vehicles were made for, which is heavy-duty work. Utes are known to be able to withstand harsh environments and hard conditions. This reliable vehicle will never give up easily or without a hard fight. We also cannot overlook the fact that they are powerful under the hood. Their power and ability to work as a commercial car are on full display whatever you do with it.

Most of them can tow as much as 3,500 kilograms of weight, which is more than any other car you can drive with a standard car license. Therefore, if you do not feel like practicing and passing additional driving tests, get a ute, and make your life easier. In addition, it also does not have high taxes.

One of the secret powers of this vehicle is the fact that you can take it out on a lengthy family road trip and remain sure it will never give up on you, no matter what back alleys or off-road paths you decide to take!


Is there anything else you should know about it? If you found everything you were looking for in a car while reading this text, search no more. When you have so many options in one vehicle, pay smaller taxes for it, and finally get a lot of money when you sell it, it is a no-brainer.

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