What Is Included in a Car Detailing – 2024 Guide

Every car lover is probably obsessed with his car and cares that it is clean at all times. Proper and regular maintenance of a car can significantly extend its life. Everyone who understands the functioning of cars at least knows that. However, when maintaining a car, regular washing is not enough, which mainly means shampoo for cars, water and other things. This is certainly necessary, but in the end it is necessary to apply detailing. Simply put, your car needs this process. Of course, it will already be clean thanks to proper shampooing and rinsing, but it also needs additional refreshment. This is where car detailing comes into play. With that, you maintain its shine, apply a protective layer so that your car is protected from all external influences that can damage its color, and much more.

Give us the opportunity to introduce you in detail to the importance of this process by describing to you what exactly car detailing means.

1. Exterior car detailing

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Car detailing can be divided into two parts, namely the exterior and interior part of the work. When we talk about detailing exterior, it means much more than just car washing. These include the following things that need to be done:

2. Taking care of the paint

Paint is one of the things that most affects the look of a car, and it is also constantly exposed to all external factors. That is why it is necessary to take a few steps in order for everything to be ideal. First wash to remove all dirt, and then dry, so that no stains remain. If the car is very dirty, then a clay bar is also used. Finally, it remains to polish it and apply a layer of wax, in order to protect the paint and give it an even more attractive appearance. If the damage to the paint is greater and can’t be fixed just with polishing, then you need paint correction. Read exactly how pain correction works at likecardetailing.com.au.

3. Wheels and rims

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Wheels and rims are something that is probably the dirtiest because it is in constant contact with the road. Different chemicals must be used to remove all the dirt from the rims, and the wheels and tires are washed under a very strong jet of water. In the end, you have to take care of mud flaps, which you also have to clean thoroughly. Coat the wheels with protective coatings that will preserve them and give them shine.

4. Headlights

The headlights can get very dirty, especially from dust and mud. Clean headlights and all other car lights are not only a matter of aesthetics, but also safety. In low visibility conditions, dirty lights can put you in danger because other drivers will not see you. You have to clean it carefully not to damage the plastic, LEDs or any other part.

5. Engine

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This is something that almost no one remembers to do alone, and even many professionals skip that step, even though it is important. Be sure to ask them to do engine cleaning for you. This is done with the help of water and special chemicals that will clean the engine bay, which is very dirty. When it is cleaned, it should be checked for any damage and if there is, fix it immediately with silicone, so that the cracks do not spread.

6. Interior car detailing

Surely neither you nor your passengers want to stay in a dirty interior, so various things have to be done there as well to make it comfortable to stay in the car.

7. Vacuuming

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We should first start with vacuuming to remove larger impurities such as dust, pieces of food and other debris. We must not miss a single part of the car. This includes seats, floors, floor mats and a trunk. You must have several sizes of vacuum cleaners, because it is very difficult to reach some places, which also need to be cleaned.

8. Steam cleaning

If you want to thoroughly clean and sterilize all the fabrics inside, steam cleaning should be done. After that, everything must be left to dry in detail, so that mold does not appear.

9. Glass cleaning

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This must be done both externally and internally, in detail. You probably do this often, every time you refuel at a gas station, but this involves thorough cleaning like when you wash windows at home, not just removing dirt so it can be seen through the windshield. Use a special cleanser intended for it which will create a cover that will not allow dust to stick to the windshield.

10. Final touch

When you have put everything in perfect order, you are left with the final touch. If you have leather parts in your interior, you must wipe them with a cloth, so as not to damage the leather. And then use leather care products. Leather is very sensitive, so if you want to keep its attractive look for a long time, don’t forget to apply it. Finally, you can use special perfumes for the car that will make the ride even more enjoyable.


We hope that you have realized the importance of this process and that you have realized how much you really need it. You can do a lot of this yourself and save money. But if you opt for professionals, it is important to pay attention to the service that you will entrust your car to do detailing. First check the reviews, which will give you information on whether they are reliable and what experiences people have with them. If you see that they are reliable, then it remains for you to check that they have all the necessary equipment and all the chemicals to do the job in the best possible way. Lastly, make sure they have insurance that will cover potential damage. Damage can be caused by damaging the paint or any other part of the car. The insurance will also cover if they lose any of the items from your car.

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