Mobile Car Detailing: Information about Detailing and Its Benefits

Cars are an expensive investment, and part of getting the best use out of them involves preserving their quality for as long as possible. Detailing, extremely thorough car cleaning, can be done for a car’s exterior and interior in order to have a vehicle looking its best. CarDetailing is when professional car detailers go to the location where there services rather than the other way around. This allows vehicle owners to get the services they need at their convenience.

What is Car Detailing


Simply put, car detailing is the deep clean of a car by trained professionals using high-quality equipment. Professional car detailing differs from a mere car wash in the regard that it’s not just soap and water and some scrubbing, but a full service including a pressurized rinse, specialized soaps, microfiber towels for wiping, and more. For those willing to pay more, detailing packages can include a protective wax covering and other features that will truly make a car sparkle. Car detailing also involves cleaning wheels, brake calipers, and lug nuts as well as polishing paint to remove blemishes. The price of a car detailing is prone to change by regions as well as the package of the service purchased.

  • Exterior and Interior Car Detailing

Exterior and interior car detailing are the two main services car detailers provide. In this process detailers usually handwash the entirety of both the car’s exterior and interior. A clay bar is later used to remove any residue after the washing as well as to further clean and smooth the car’s surface. After that, the car is polished and waxed with a protective finish. Regarding the car’s interior, detailers will vacuum, scrub, steam clean, leather trim, and occasionally even perfume the vehicle’s insides and you can find out more at

  • Additional Services

These services may be part of a package or customizable options available for selection, but additional car detailing services include paint correction, ceramic coating, and paint protection film. These further remove blemishes from a car’s surface and give additional protection. There are more types of services available, but these services vary from detailer to detailer.

The Benefits of Car Detailing


Besides the obvious benefit of having an unbelievably clean car, car detailing comes with other benefits such as helping to maintain a car’s appearance, value, and function. For those planning to resell their car, protecting its looks will help keep its value from sinking too far as people are more willing to pay for a car that looks like it’s in great condition than a car that shows the years of wear and tear it has accumulated. Car detailing also provides protection for a car’s exterior whether that’s in the form of a wax finish, ceramic coating, or paint protection film. This will help the car’s clean appearance last longer as well as reduce the risk of nicks appearing on the vehicle.

As car detailing also involves cleaning a car’s interior, it works to remove harmful germs that may have accumulated. This provides clear health benefits, which are especially beneficial for those who spend long periods of time driving. All surfaces are cleaned so any food crumbs, sticky residue, and other unpleasant presences are removed. This process also eliminates unwanted odors, which can greatly improve one’s driving experience. After spending so much money for a car, owners might as well spend a little more to get the best experience out of it and to preserve it so they can continue using it for a long time.

Why Mobile Car Detailing?

Not everyone has the time to wait in line for a car wash or drive out to a car detailing shop. Mobile car detailing saves vehicle owners the trouble of having to go out to get their car detailed and brings the detailing service to them. With this service, trained professionals will go to the necessary location equipped with everything they would use for a normal car detailing session and take care of the car on site. Customers are able to schedule their mobile car detailing, which adds flexibility to their schedule. Mobile car detailing includes all the benefits of car detailing—interior, exterior, window, detailing, etc.—and certain services will even allow clients to customize their services instead of having to pick from a package.

Choosing a Mobile Car Detailer


The mobile car detailing industry isn’t a small one, and as such, different detailers offer different services to help themselves stand out from their competitors. Therefore, it’s important for those interested in mobile car detailing to know what they’re looking for and to make sure that the detailer they hire provides that service. It’s also important to check a business’s reviews to minimize the risk of regret for not all companies provide the same level of care. Prospective customers should also compare the prices of mobile car detailers in their area to make sure they choose a business with a price that they feel is reasonable.

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