Tesla Model 3 – Robert Cumberford applauded to the design of the Tesla

Robert Cumberford applauded to the design of the Tesla Model 3. He is one of the best-known car critics and writers in this industry. So, here’s the newest review created by him. The column about Tesla Model 3, by one of the most renowned car designer critics Robert Cumberford, appeared in the Automobile Magazine this week. He had a distinguished career in the car industry, and now writing critiques is what he is best at.

Car aficionados must remember some of his finest passages like “the Jaguar E-Type is elegant, extremely phallic and a great middle-aged man’s compensation…the ultimate automotive expression of phylliform perfection”.

Although he wasn’t in favor of the “nosecone” he claimed that the car design is magnificent.

As Robert Cumberford stated:”There is a lot of equality carefully considered and beautifully executed sculpting ahead of the front-wheel centerline. An obtrusive little crease in the front fascia skin just below the headlamp openings gives some direction to the plain surface, with more thrust provided by the headlamp covers ending in a point inboard and forward.”

Tesla Model 3

When Tesla designed the Model S, one may say that they were remarkably brave. The Model S can brag with its design, but also this car is both complacent and roomy. Although the Model S is bigger than the Model 3, both are as equally glamorous and good-looking as possible. Because the interior is still in the process of being made, the focus here will be the description of the exterior.

Tesla Model 3

Source: automobilemag.com

    • In the words of Cumberford Model 3 is “controversial but brilliant, this near-vertical plane leaning slightly forward produces a shadow effect infinitely superior to the painted surrogate grill of the original Model S.”
    • What also drew the attention of the famous critic as well as some other critics is the front of the car which contains a soft cushion of high-pressure air which facilitates at high speeds, absorbing the air and making him a temporarily part of the surface.
    • However, this aerodynamic component is not used in Tesla Company only. Aston Martin and Ferrari are perhaps one of the most famous automakers that apply this highly-developed technology.
    • The car roof is exquisite, and it has the shape of the arc which also contributes to the aerodynamics as well as to the design. In this way, the car doesn’t have so many sharp edges which make it look mild but beautiful. Also, the windshield which is enormous extends naturally, but it doesn’t have exactly spherical shape. The hood has a little bit knife-like edges which make it visible from the cabin.
Source: automobilemag.com

Source: automobilemag.com

    • At the door bottom, Tesla inserted their symbol which defines the two sides of the car – a simple rising line which all Tesla models are familiar with. Moreover, there is a slight crease in door skin panels which together with the one below reduces visual height. This is accomplished by isolating the sides of the car into the horizontal parts. As for the side glass, the B- and C-pillars are black because that color allows the glass to seem much longer than it would be with any other color.
    • As for the back of the car, there is also a crease below the truck that puts the surface underneath it in shadow. However there is a surface that sticks out, and it is intended to absorb reflection from the sun, making the car look wider.
    • There is no information about how thick or heavy the windshield glass can be. As much as we know it may be as light as a feather.
    • As for the interior, Tesla Model 3 should have five seats. The rest is still in the planning stage.
    • The hood of the car resembles the one Mercedes-Benz made for its latest S-Class models. This kind of hood with blunt front creates a special effect which makes the car look bigger and wider than it actually is.
Tesla Model 3

Source: automobilemag.com

Overall, this car is expected to be extraordinary with its fantastic design. According to Robert Cumberford, Tesla Model 3 is supposed to live up to its potential. However, since we lack the information regarding interior and engine, we will have to wait and see what this car is capable of. Also if you are interested in buying this car you can do it with cryptocurrencies. For more help with that you can check Paybis.

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